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There are many reasons why web developers, mobile developers, and desktop developers desires to register a Twitter Application. By using Twitter's Application Programming Interface (API) for instance, it is possible for mobile developers to make their users send and receive SMS from their mobile applications in real time.

Twitter has the ability to simply relay instant informations anywhere in the world and to let the people discover what is happening now. Messages are limited to just 140 characters which makes it a perfect "microblogging" tool for Short Message Service (SMS) as people oftentimes send brief and concise messages on these availble text communication services.

As a web developer I would like to share information's about this Webmaster Tutorials website I am maintaining and Twitter is one of the best place to socialize and mete out relevant informations to the world. Anyone has the possibility of having a portion of news or messages from someone using Twitter. It would be nice if I could create a Twitter Application that would help me convey webmaster related informations in a much more efficient way to the world. A simple but adequate Twitter Application for all people who would like to obtain agile infomations about web developing.

To begin with creating your Twitter Application you are required to Register your Twitter Application because it will allow Twitter to identify your application. I will let you know how I register my Twitter Application in less than a minute. Remember do not share your Consumer key and Consumer secret to anyone. You will obtain these datas after you have successfully registered your Twitter Application.

  • In order to Register your Twitter Application you need the following:
  • - A Twitter Account - You need this to access Twitter API - Twitter API is the place where Twitter Applications are made - If you don't have a twitter account - Create your Twitter Account here
  • - Basic web development knowledge - Don't worry if you are a beginner trying to build your First Twitter Application, there are a lot of free informations available on the internet. From C/C++, .NET, Erlang, JAVA, Objective-C/Cocoa & iPhone Programming, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby. You have the option to choose which language you are familiar with. I am using PHP. Let's begin.


Step 1:


Sign in on Twitter API

After signing in, click "Register an app" - located at the middle of your screen


Step 2:


You should be on the "Register an Application" page by now. Go on and fill it up.


Put in the name of the Twitter Application you wish to register. I am using RNELdotNET for this Webmaster Tutorials website.


Describe your Twitter Application. - You don't really need to follow the format and context of my description, I just put that because I will be using tmhOAuth - A library written in PHP by @themattharris - hint - More OAuth libraries are available - LINK


Select your Application Type. - I will be using the Web Browser Application Type because I am using a Callback URL to return to my App after successful authentication.


Callback URL: Where do you need to redirect twitter after a successfull authentication. - It's ok to put any link from your website if you haven't thought about this yet, you can set a value for this when you obtain a request_token, you just need to send it on oauth_callback parameter.


Default Access type: - I need Read & Write. I guess you also need this type of default access.


Fill in reCAPTCHA field.

Click Register Application.

Read TWITTER API TERMS OF SERVICE: - Click I Accept if you accept TWITTER API TERMS OF SERVICE. - hint - You won't be able to register your Twitter Application if you don't accept TWITTER API TERMS OF SERVICE. :)


Step 3:


By this time you should have successfully registered your twitter application. :)


Step 4:

Save a copy of your Twitter Application's Consumer key and Consumer secret - put it in a secured storage for later usage. - hint - Do not put your Twitter Application Consumer key and Consumer secret on a text file (.txt) or any public file/document and upload it on your server. Keep it safe.

It will be more secured if you put your Twitter Application's Consumer key and Consumer secret on a database and just pull it out with authentication when you need it.


Task completed! You have just registered your own Twitter Application and now have your Twitter Application's Consumer key and Consumer secret.


"Where to go from here and what to do with my Twitter Application's consumer key and consumer secret?"




Retrieve a single access token - oauth_token and oauth_token_secret.

"Okay and How to retrieve a single access token - oauth_token and oauth_token_secret for my "single-user use" Twitter Application?"

Read my article:


Free download files


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