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How to get total twitter followers

By Rnel, on April 15, 2011, under Twitter Tutorials

Twitter is one of the biggest social media website in the Internet today with more than 200 million users and around 400 thousand new accounts created every day. Link - How Many Users Does Twitter Have TODAY. With this massive amount of people anyone could think on how to take this as a great opportunity to increase their social network connections

Tweet from your website with tmhOAut

By Rnel, on September 08, 2010, under Twitter Tutorials

We have now come to the part where we will start the actual development of our first "single-user use" Twitter Application. Let me just recall the function of the Twitter Application I wish to build. I would like to be able to send Tweets from my Control Panel directly to Twitter without the usual signing in on Twitter method. How is that possib

One line jQuery Twitter like dynamic character counter function

By Rnel, on September 07, 2010, under Twitter Tutorials

Since now that I have Registered my Twitter Application and already got my single access token secured. I can now proceed and build my first Twitter Application, and this Twitter Tutorial will let you know one of the components I've made that will be included on the Twitter Application that I will be creating.

How to retrieve a single access token in Twitter with tmhOAut

By Rnel, on September 05, 2010, under Twitter Tutorials

To continue with the previous Twitter Tutorial - Less Than a Minute Twitter Application Registration, I will now proceed and use our previously gathered consumer_key and consumer_secret to retrieve a single access token - i.e. access token and oauth_token_secret (collectively, an "access token"). We will do the retrieving of access token at thi

Less than a minute Twitter Application Registration

By Rnel, on September 03, 2010, under Twitter Tutorials

To begin with creating your Twitter Application you are required to Register your Twitter Application because it will allow Twitter to identify your application. I will let you know how I register my Twitter Application in less than a minute. Remember do not share your Consumer key and Consumer secret to anyone. You will obtain these datas after yo