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How to get total delicious bookmarks

By Rnel, on April 15, 2011, under Php Tutorials

Gathering all interesting and important links from our everyday internet surfing seems to be a great idea. But saving it all on a notepad or on a document file or memorizing it is not the best solution at hand. This is where bookmarking is essential. We can always check back all informations we've discovered from the links we've previously saved on

How to get total feed burner RSS subscribers

By Rnel, on April 15, 2011, under Php Tutorials

Websites uses "RSS", "XML", and "Atom" to distribute their contents using browsers. This simple php tutorial will show you how to get the total number of subscribers of a given user, assuming that specific user has opted to show their information via Awareness API of their FeedBurner Account.

Populating Dropdownlist from database using php json jquery and php xml jquery

By Rnel, on October 07, 2010, under Php Tutorials

Storing records on a database is a great help and convenience to a web developer or even to a web designer. It gives an option to pull out database records anytime the necessity occurs. And to help speed up the process, jSon or XML can be use to perform the required action. One of these common actions from a website user's perspective is to populat