Hey fellow design enthusiast, here’s a new Photoshop Tutorial to create a Toxic Liquid Container Dock Icon. I’ve created this icon for my personal use as a recycle bin dock icon, here’s how to create this nice icon.    

By Supercolor, on September 12, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 11 – Reflection

Select the Rectangle Tool and create a white vertical stripe, this will be used for some reflection on the glass. Make sure its height is a little bit higher than the glass. Change the opacity to 10%, repeat the same for an other stripe this time less wide.


Duplicate and merge those two stripe layers by selecting the two layers and press Ctrl+Alt+E.

Apply a Motion Blur filter on the new layer with an angle of 0° and a distance of 40px, place this layer under the two original stripe layers.


Step 12 – Other Color Highlights

Create a new layer, select the Brush Tool with a white color and paint on the Top and Bottom parts of the Icon. We’ll need to create a layer mask on this new layer so the highlight just appear on the Top and Bottom Parts, in order to do this you’ll need to make a selection of both parts at the same time, select the Bottom Part original layer, and while holding the Ctrl key click on the small preview of this part in the layer box, then with this selection active, select the original Top Part layer, hold the Shift and Ctrl keys and click on its small preview in the layer box. Go back to the highlight layer we’ve created at the beginning of this step and create a layer mask. Change the fill of this layer to 25%.


Repeat the same process on a new layer but this time with a purple color, a 100% opacity and fill and Color Dodge for the blending mode.


Step 13 – Shadows

Let’s add some shadows to this icon, select the Ellipse Tool, and create a black oval shape, place the layer under all this others except the background layer. Apply a Gaussian Blur filter with a radius of 25px, Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur.


To finish select the Brush Tool, with a purple color paint on a new layer behind the Glass, make sure this layer in just in front the shadow we’ve created previously.


Final Result

Here’s we are with a nice new Toxic Container Icon, if you want to use it as recycle bin like me you’ve got to save two versions one with liquid and one without the liquid and the progress bar empty.


Feel free to leave a comment if you need help, leave us a link with your creations of toxic liquid containers.