Hey designers, here's my first Photoshop Tutorial on rnel.net it will teach you how to create a Texture and Text Based Rusty Poster using some rust textures. You'll also learn some new tricks using the Wave Filter that will create the text drip effect and also the blending mode technique that will make a text and background texture correspond to each other.

By Supercolor, on September 21, 2010, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 6: Fading Paint


In this step we will create the fading paint effect using the Wave filter.


To start duplicate the text layer, then go to Filter - Distort - Wave and enter those values. Apply the filter twice again with the same values on the same layer.


Continue by using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and make a selection of the half top part of the document and delete this part of the fading paint.


Next select the two layers, the text one and the one we just worked on, right click on them, select rasterize type and merge them. Rename the layer Text Paint and change the blending mode to Color.


Step 7: Stripe


Make sure you still have the Text Paint layer selected and Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and create a selection of a stripe on top of the text, fill this selection with a the Gradient Tool (G) with the same colours we used in Step 4.


Step 8: Shadow


Duplicate the Fading Paint layer, rename this layer Shadow and place it under the Fading Paint layer, then add a Color Overlay layer style to it, select black for the color.


Finally change the opacity of the layer to 25%


That's it for now guys; you can see that with just some textures and filters you can create some nice rust and grunge effects to a poster.