In this Photoshop Tutorial we will be creating a beautiful swing photomanipulation.

By nishagandhi, on March 13, 2011, under Photoshop Tutorials

In this Photoshop Tutorial we will be creating a beautiful swing photomanipulation.


Final Result Preview:


Step 1:


Open the tree image. Remove the white background. The tree image looks like this now after removing the background.


Step 2: How to remove background from the tree.


Open the tree image. Go to Channels, Duplicate the blue channel.


Adjust the Levels.


Now using Magic Wand click on the black part of the image.


Now go back to the layers and duplicate the background and add Layer Mask.


Step 3:


The tree is masked now. Drag the sky image and place it below the tree layer. But we can see some white around the tree.

We can fix that. Convert the tree image to a smart object(Right click the tree layer and select group to new smart object) , now rasterize it (right click and select rasterize layer).

Now, select the tree layer by CTRL clicking.

Now select>inverse. Now hit delete a few times to remove the white


Now your image looks like this. I have erased a bit of the background using soft brush.


Step 4:


Apply Outer Glow and Inner Glow to the tree layer.


Step 5:


Open the swing image and Extract the swing. Copy and paste the swing.


Step 6:


Now select the swing layer and choose image>adjustments>match color. Make sure that the tree layer is chosen under the layer option (shown by the arrows below). Dont worry about the sky layer.


I have scaled the swing. Your image looks like this now after match color.


Step 7:


Now take a soft white round brush(big enough to cover the swing) and just draw once on the swing(on a new layer). Lower the Opacity of this layer as shown.


Step 8:


On a new layer, draw light beams downloaded from obsidiandawn.com. Set this layer to Overlay Mode.


Apply Color Balance. Settings are shown below.


Apply Photo Filter. Settings are shown.


Step 9:


Create a new layer and fill this layer with the color 88523b. Set this Layer Blending Mode to Color Dodge and lower the Opacity to 50.


Step 10:


Now create another layer and fill it with color eac2f4 (light pink). Change the Layer Mode to Soft Light.


Step 11:


Apply Curves.


Final Result: