I never did a dark art actually but when I made this Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial, I realized that it met my fancy much more than I've thought :D. Hope you all will enjoy it. We are going to combine different images and use some nice photoshop splatter brushes to create a frightful scene for the Halloween.

By pureromance88, on October 30, 2010, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 6:


New layer again, use Soft brush 1 px with same color draw some lines in horizontal:


Step 7:


I create a new layer with Overlay Mode, use Burn Tool to darken the scratche on her skin:


Step 8:


Create a new layer, and make sure foreground color and background color is 2e2a28 and white. Choose Filter - Render - Clouds:


Set this layer to Multipy 100%. Place it under the girl layers. We have:


Step 9:


Create a new layer, use Splatter Brushes, color 670813 to paint on the wall and set to Multipy 100%. I added a Layer Mask to clear some parts. Duplicate this layer.


Step 10:


New layer and I use Soft Brush, color 4e0f02 painting on the ceiling, change the Mode to Multipy 60%. Move it under the girl layers.


Step 11:


Make a new layer with Multipy Mode 100%, I use Splatter Brush, color 5a1508 to make a bloody mouth:


Step 12:


I use Burn Tool in the same way above (with soft light mode) to darken her clothes.


Step 13:


Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge all layers. Hide all layers except top layer and all layers under the girl ones like the pic below:


Add a Layer Mask and with soft black brush, Opacity 45%, Flow 45% to blur the girl (except her eyes) to make the "ghost" effect:


Step 14:


Create a new brightness/contrast layer, then use soft black brush to eraser the girl.


Final Result: