Hey design enthusiast, here's a new Photoshop Tutorial on how to create a Retro Pixel Light Line Effect using the pen tool and some layer styles with a cassette tape as the subject of the design. The techniques you can learn from this tutorial can be use to any retro design arts, whether it involves retro posters with humans or plain text retro posters, this will surely be a great addition to your knowledge. Furthermore, how to add a cool highlight effect on any part of an image is also discussed on this photoshop tutorial.

By Supercolor, on September 28, 2010, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 6: Line Light


For this step we'll used the pen tool and layer styles. First unhide the original tape layer and place it on top of the other, select the Pen Tool (P) with the path option selected in the option bar, then start drawing the path around the tape and details inside the tape.


When you've got all your path done delete the original tape layer, select the Brush Tool (B) and pick a soft rounded brush of around 3px size and create a new layer name it Blue Line Light.

Then in order to create the lines, select the Pen Tool (P) again go on the path and right click on it and select stroke path, select the brush and don't select Simulate Pressure in the Stroke Path box.


When this is done go to the path tab and delete the path.


Next in order to create the light glowing effect, we'll use some layer styles, double click on the Blue Light Line layer and add a few layer styles.


Step 7: Text and Lines


In this step we'll create small halo lights, create a new layer then select the Brush Tool (B), create a small circle on the light lines with a soft rounded brush then apply the same layer styles we used in the Step 6.

Place the layer in a new folder and change the blending mode of the folder to Color Dodge, to create other light halos just duplicate the first layer and place the halos elsewhere on the light lines.


Step 8: Shadow


For the final step we'll create the same mosaic pixel effect on some text and some lines around it. First create some text with the Text Tool (T), I picked Arial Black, 100 for the size and I wrote RNELdotNET.


Next apply a Gradient Overlay layer style on it.


To continue we're going to use the mosaic filter like in step 5, select the text layer and go to Filter - Pixelate - Mosaic, and put a 7 square value.


To finish we'll create the same line light effect on the text than we created in step 6. Make a selection of the text, Ctrl+Left Click on the preview thumbnail next to the text layer, then pick the Rectangular Marquee Tool, right click on the selection with it and select Make Work Path with 0,5px for the value. Then select the Pen Tool (P) right click on the path and select stroke path like in step 6, to finish apply the same layer styles than in step 6.


Here we are with a retro pixel light tape just using a few layer styles and stock image; I hope you've learned some new tricks or techniques.