In this Photoshop Tutorial we will learn how to enchant a model by giving some retouching on it. Follow through this tutorial to learn some important techniques on how to use simple steps to smooth skin, use smart object layer, and paint hair. Resources needed: Model 1 LINK Hair Brushes 2 LINK    

By Dek Wid, on August 22, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 21

After painting the hair, select all the hair layers on which we paint the hair and merge them into a single layer. I named the merged layer hair. Then, duplicate the hair layer. Set the original hair layer to multiply blending at 100% opacity on one hand, and the duplicate layer is set to normal at 100% on the other hand.


Step 22

Now we will adjust the color of the hair a bit. Select the hair copy layer and go to layer > new adjustment layers > hue/ saturation. Make sure to give this adjustment layer a clipping mask. Set the value of the adjustment layer as the one in the screenshot.


Here is the result


Step 23

Finally, we will give overall color adjustment to the scene. For the first adjustment, we will give exposure. Go again to layer > new adjustment layers > exposure. Set it to the value given :


Step 24

The second adjustment is photo filter. Choose color of #9b1dea for the filter and set its density to 70%.


It's done

Here is the result