In this Photoshop Tutorial we will learn how to enchant a model by giving some retouching on it. Follow through this tutorial to learn some important techniques on how to use simple steps to smooth skin, use smart object layer, and paint hair. Resources needed: Model 1 LINK Hair Brushes 2 LINK    

By Dek Wid, on August 22, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 11

Well, this is the look of the model now:


Step 12

Next we need to paint over the model’s eyebrow. We will do this purpose by using smudge tool. Take the smudge tool in the tool panel. Set the tool as shown in the screenshot. Choose a very soft round brush with size of 10 pixels and strength of about 62% in normal mode. Make sure to check the Sample All Layer option. Then, create a new layer and on this new layer, stroke the model’s eyebrow to paint it.


Step 13

In this step we will give some color adjustment to the scene. To do this purpose, go to layer > new layer adjustment > hue/saturation. Set the value of the hue/saturation as the one below:


Step 14

Next we need to hide the effect of the hue/saturation to the scene. We do this by masking some areas on the canvas. Select the mask thumbnail of the hue/saturation and mask the whole image except the flowers on the model’s head and arms.


Step 15

In this step we will give some enchantment to the model’s hair by painting over the hair. We will use pen tool to do this purpose, however, what we should do first is make sure to install the hair brush in photoshop. We should set the brush first. Choose one of the hair brushes and set its size to 10 pixels. Then, set the color of the foreground to #b9a181


Step 16

What we do next is take the pen tool in the tool panel. Then, create a new layer by hitting the short keys Shift+Ctrl+N. On this new layer create the tool on the model’s hair to create the starting anchor point. Proceed to click on the other part of the hair to create the second anchor, hold and drag down a bit to curve the path following the line of the hair. Finally, create another click to make the third anchor, hold and drag to the upper left direction to curve the path. Here it is ..now we have the path:


Step 17

After creating the path, right click on the canvas. This will show us the path command options box. Choose Stroke Path. Make sure to choose brush tool as the tool of stroking and check Simulate Pressure. There it is, we have painted the hair with the color of #b9a181 set before in the step 15.


Step 18

Do the same to the other parts of the model’s hair. Here is the one I have created for our inspiration. Note : Painting the hair is really experimental so it is better to paint the hair on different single layer in case of the try and error matters. LOL… I myself used some layers the hair.


Step 19

Here is more painting on the hair I created. Try to alter to choose different hair brush for different stroke of the hair.


Step 20

Finally, here is the final result I created for our inspiration: