In this Photoshop Tutorial we are going to learn how to create our own portrait of a fantasy dreamy nighty panorama. We will learn unique technique on how to set mood dealing with sharpenning images, lightning and selection. Resources needed: Rock LINK Bonsai and Rock Pack LINK Texture LINK Mist LINK Castle LINK Nebula LINK Cloud LINK Sea LINK Misty sea LINK    

By Dek Wid, on August 27, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Start by creating a new blank document of 1024 pixels wide and 1189 pixels high.


Step 2

Open misty sea picture on the document. Hit Ctrl+T to activate free transform tool. Scale the picture up to fit the document. Try to get the result like the one I did. I named this layer background.


Step 3

Now open cloud picture. In this step we are going to add some cloud texture to the background we have created. Hit Ctrl+T to activate the free transform tool again and do scaling to the picture and place it where needed. I just named this layer cloud on the layer panel.


Step 4

Still with the cloud layer selected, go to layer > layer mask > reveal all. This means that we create a layer mask to the selected layer. With black color and a very soft round brush, stroke the area to be masked. (marked in red)


Step 5

Open again the other stock picture in the document. Scale and place the picture in such size and position that it fits the composition we want. Please take a look at the screenshot given for your inspiration. I named this layer cloud and sea.


Step 6

Mask  the upper part of this picture just like the way we did in previous step. Take a look at the red marked part in the screenshot to find out the area to be masked.


Step 7

Now reduce the opacity of the cloud and sea layer to 47%.


Step 8

To add more nuance to the background we have created, we are going to give it gentle mist. Open the morning mist picture on the document.  Scale it to get the size needed and place it to lower part of the document. I called this layer mist.


Step 9

Masked the upper part of the mist picture.


Step 10

Still with the mist layer selected, hit Ctrl+J to duplicate it into a new layer called mist copy in the layer panel. Set the blending of both layer to overlay at 100% opacity.