Hey Photoshop enthusiasts, Here's my new Photoshop Tutorial on Rnel.net, How to Create a Cartoon Style Website Header. Using layer styles and shapes we will be creating a website header with a cartoonish theme. You will practice your basic drawing skills with the creation of catoon clouds using the Elliptical Marquee Tool and simple lines with Rectangle Tool. The Warp Text Tool is also used for the text effects and more layer styles such as Outer Glow, Color Overlay, and Stroke together with a cool color combination for a more absolute cartoon effect.

By Supercolor, on October 14, 2010, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 6: Navigation Bar


In this step we'll create a simple navigation bar, select the Rectangle Tool (U), create 5 rectangles, a big one in orange, I used #feb130, and then create 4 small rectangles for each links in blue, I used #feb130. To finish select the Text Tool (T) and write some links in the same yellow we used on the text in step 4 with the same font.


Step 7: Search Bar


Follow the same step than in step 6, but this time just creating one orange rectangle and one blue rectangle on it. With the same text style.


That's it for this tutorial, you can see by just using a few layer styles and shapes you can create a cartoon style header with vibrant colours.