Let's have fun through this Photoshop Tutorial to learn how to create a cute snow toy related to xmas and seasonal holyday. We will learn how to use some tools in photoshop like pen tool, layer styles, setting custom brush and some simple painting. Resources needed: Santa LINK Brush LINK    

By Dek Wid, on January 03, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Firstly create a new document with size of 1280 pxl wide and 1024 pxl high:


Step 2

Activate gradient tool (G) and set the foreground color to #03096d and the background to #aab0ff. Make sure to choose  linear gradient in the gradient option bar above the document. Click on the top centered part of the document, hold and drag the tool downward to the bottom to fill the document with gradient.


Step 3

Create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) and activate the pen tool (P). On the new layer, click the tool on the left side of the document to create a first anchor point. Then, click on the right side, hold and drag to the direction as shown in the red arrow in the screenshot. This will bend the path to make a curve. Proceed to click the tool to make the other anchor points until the path is closed.  When the path is closed, right click on the path to show the path command option box. Choose make path selection. This will change the path into a selection.


Step 4

Now set the foreground to #767cf6 and the background to #f0f5ff. Activate gradient tool again and fill the selection with gradient.


Step 5

Create another new layer behind the layer we have created in step 3-4. Fill (Shift+F5) the new layer with black. Now activate the brush tool on the tool panel (B). Choose a very soft round brush and set its opacity. Paint white dots on the new layer. Try to vary the size of the brush (about 25-30 pxl) to make different sizes of the dots. Finally, set the blending of this layer to color dodge at 100% opacity. Name this layer snow flakes.


Step 6

Next we will add a moon to the sceen. Create a new layer on which we will paint the moon. Activate the brush tool. Choose a very soft round brush with size of 500 pxl and paint some white light on the document by clicking the brush. Then, change the size of the brush to 400 pxl and set its hardness to 100%. Click the brush in the middle of the white light previously made. Name this layer moon.


Step 7

Finally, with the moon layer still selected, go to filter > blur > gaussian blur:


Step 8

Now we will add tree to the sceen. Make sure we have installed the tree brush on the photoshop. Choose the tree brush and with color of #2c1e13, paint the tree on the document in a new layer. Name this layer tree.


Step 9

Duplicate (Ctrl+J) the tree layer. Flip the tree horizontally and place the duplicate on the other side in the document. Set the both tree layers to 20-25% opacity in normal blending.


Step 10

Create a new layer above the first tree and make sure to give this new layer a clipping mask. Activate the brush tool again and the foreground set to white. Choose the spatter 27 pxl brush and paint some snow on the branch and twigs of the tree. Do the same way to the other tree to add some snow on it.