Hey Guys, here's a new Photoshop Tutorial on rnel.net, I'm going to teach you how to create a special Valentine's Day Wallpaper, we'll learn how to create shapes, a custom photoshop brush and using some layer styles.

By Supercolor, on February 03, 2011, under Photoshop Tutorials

Hey Guys, here's a new Photoshop Tutorial on rnel.net, I'm going to teach you how to create a special Valentine's Day Wallpaper, we'll learn how to create shapes, a custom photoshop brush and using some layer styles.

  • Resources needed:
  • textures 57 by Sanami276 LINK


Final Result Preview:


Step 1 : THE New Document and Background Gradient


Start by opening Photoshop and create a new document, I choose 1440x900px with a transparent background. Then fill the background with a red and white radial gradient using the Gradient Tool (G), when you've created the gradient rename the layer Background.


Step 2 : Heart


Let's create the heart in the middle of the wallpaper, select the Pen Tool (P) with the options selected like below. Pick a red colour and start creating the left part of the heart, when you like the result, duplicate the left part layer. Select the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) and use it to Flip Horizontally and move the duplicated layer to finish the heart. Merge both heart layers and rename the new one Heart.


Step 3 : Heart Layer Styles


Next we'll add some layer styles on the heart layer to give it some glow and shadow. Double click on the Heart layer and add some Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, Contour and Satin layer styles or go to Layer : Layer Style and enter those values:


Step 4 : Hearts Photoshop Brush


We'll now create a photoshop brush with the heart shape. Reselect the Heart layer, hide the layer styles on the heart layer, right click on the small thumbnail on this layer and click on Select Pixels, then go to Edit : Define Brush Preset, rename the brush Hearts. You can unhide the layer styles on the Heart layer.


Select the Brush Tool (B) and open the Brush Panel (F5), select the brush we just created and enter those values to modify the brush, don't forget to save the brush at the end, I renamed it Hearts 1.


Next create a new layer, place it between the Heart and Background layers, rename this layer Hearts. Select the Brush Tool (B), select the Hearts 1 brush you just created and start painting hearts with a red colour on all the wallpaper. When you like the result we'll add the same layer style you added on the Heart layer before. Select the Heart layer, right click on it, select Copy Layer Style and reselect the Hearts layer, right click on it and select Paste Layer Style.


Step 5 : Ribbon Shape


Next let's create a ribbon shape using the Pen Tool (P), select the Pen Tool and with a grey tone colour create the left part of the ribbon, when that's done, keep the pen tool and with an other grey colour create a parallelogram shape on the previous shape.


Select those two shape layers and duplicate them; use the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) to Flip Horizontally and move the two shapes on the right.


Next select the Rectangle Tool (U) and with another grey colour create a rectangle shape between the side shapes we created before. Select all the shapes layers and merge them, rename the new layer Shape.


Next we'll add a texture on the shape, I used a shape from a texture pack I found on deviantART called textures 57 by ~Sanami276, I used the texture number 6, also keep texture number 9, we'll use it at the end of the tutorial, you can find the link to download the texture pack in the Resources Needed section. When you've downloaded the textures, open number 6 in Photoshop, drag the texture in the wallpaper document. Use the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) to resize the texture, place the texture in front of the ribbon shape, then right click on the texture layer and select Create Clipping Mask. Then rename the layer Texture 1 and change its blending mode to Color Burn.


Step 6 : Wallpaper Blur


Select all the layers in the layer box expect the Background layer, and press Ctrl+Alt+E, this will create a new layer with all the layers we selected merged. Rename the new layer Hearts Blur and apply a Gaussian Blur filter on it, Filter : Blur : Gaussian Blur with a 45px radius.


Next make sure you still have the Hearts Blur layer selected, create a layer mask on it, the layer mask is blank, Use the Brush Tool (B) with a Soft Rounded Brush and black and start painting on the layer mask to hide some part of the blur layer, this will give more depth to the wallpaper.


Step 7 : Text


Add some text on the ribbon, using the Text Tool (T), I used a red colour and wrote Happy Valentine's with the Arial Black font. I left the space on the big heart empty; you can add the name of your love one.


Step 8 : Wallpaper Texture


To finish this wallpaper we'll add a texture on the whole wallpaper, I used texture number 9 from the texture pack we used in Step 5. Open the texture in Photoshop, drag it in the wallpaper document and rename the texture layer Texture 2. Use the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) to resize or rotate the texture, then to finish change the blending mode of the texture to Multiply.


That's it for this tutorial, I hope you've enjoyed reading it and creating this wallpaper, leave me a comment if you've got any questions.