In this Photoshop Tutorial we will combine several images together to make a beautiful manipulation. The story of this art is the girl is searching for her love in heavenly skies. The girl will be painted in photoshop. You will need a wacom tablet for this work. Working with a wacom will make ur work easy and fast. So lets start!

By nishagandhi, on August 08, 2011, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 6:


Paint the face and hand with f3d3b6(skin) color.


More painting done.


More details. I know it looks scary now. I just painted the basic color for her hair.


More painting done to her hand added drop shadow to her hand. The hair was again all done in a single layer using Smudge Tool. You can check my flying girl tutorial Flying Girl Photo Manipulation tutorial for more details on how to paint hair.


I used custom shape tool to draw the heart and pen tool for the heart line.


Step 7:


I wanted the girl to be something different. So I painted curly hair (on a new layer). Pick different shades of brown and orange and paint her curls on top of the hair we had made in the previous steps. The close view is shown.


Create new layer, set the mode to Soft Light and using white brush on low opacity paint on the bird. Similarly again create a new layer, soft light mode and select black brush, Paint with low opacity.


Use a white brush of low opacity and paint on the wings of the bird.


Create a new layer. Use a light color dafff4 and a big brush and click once on the bird.


Final Result


This is the final image. Hope u enjoyed reading :)