In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll show you how to create a surreal photo manipulation called "Flooded". We'll go through combining different stocks together, masking, using brush, blending, creating underwater and rain effect and more. Resources needed:  Girl  LINK Room  LINK Clock   LINK Umbrella  LINK Fish 1  LINK Fish 2  LINK Chair  LINK Book   LINK Candle   LINK Cup   LINK Smoke brushes  LINK Sea  LINK Water brushes  LINK Drop splash brushes  LINK Bubble brushes  LINK    

By pureromance88, on September 12, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 21

Set foreground color to white. Use one from smoke brushes pack and paint above candle. Here is my choice:


Apply Gassian Blur with 3 px:


Step 22

Add clock to the top left of picture and use Hue/Saturation layer (Clipping Mask) for it:


Step 23

We're going to add shadow for this clock by Layer Style. Double click clock layer, choose Blending Options:

You can see that I choose the shadow direction fit the main light source. 


Step 24

Make a new layer and change brush to bubble and still keep foreground to white. I choose brush with number 495. Press F5 to make settings for this brush:


Paint around model legs, body, head, book, candle, cup, chair, fishes:


We have some bubbles in blurred part (foreground) so they must be blurred too. Make a new layer with Clipping Mask for bubbles one. Use Blur Tool with Strength about 20% to blur bubbles in indicated parts:


Step 25

In this and next steps we'll make water effect for picture. Make a new layer on the top. Make selection and fill with color #538594:


Lower opacity to 30% and erase top part on layer mask:


I name it "water part 1". 


Step 26

Open sea stock. I make a selection on part of the wave and set feather =35:


Move it on the top of water in previous step and resize:


Change opacity to 30%:


Name it "water part 2".

Make group for water layers (remember to change group mode to Normal 100%).


Step 27

I use an adjustment layer to reduce saturation of water parts a little:


Step 28

Create a new layer on the top. Use water brush, number 792 to paint on the top of water, transform and erase unwanted parts to get the look below:


Continue with a new layer and same brush. Paint on the left of water:


Step 29

New layer again and I use water brush, number 563. Paint on picture:


Use transform tool (Cmd/Ctrl+T) to make it narrower:


Duplicate it and move it to the left:


Step 30

I use a new layer and drop splash brushes, number 71. Paint randomly on the water surface: