In this Photoshop Tutorial we will be making Rechargeable Electric Fan. By making this tutorial you will also learn different tecniques to make other things. Blending Options, Layer Styles, Filters, some Tools also to use while making it. So lets start.

By stunningmesh, on July 23, 2011, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 21:


Its time to make Buttons on it, for this, pick Rounded Rectangle tool, give 5 in Radius on top property panel and draw a small rectangle having #0a0071 color and rotate it a little bit as:


Step 22:


Apply the following Layer Style over it:


After hitting Ok, you should have something like this:


Step 23:


Press Ctrl+J five times to duplicate this button. Place the buttons as shown below:


Step 24:


To fill the center area, I've made the following shape by using Custom Shape Tool and then change the blending mode of this layer from Normal to Overlay by using Layer Panel as:


Step 25:


Now I'm going to make Handle on top of the fan to hold it, by using Pen tool draw the following shape and fill it with #0a0071 color as:


Step 26:


Apply the following Layer Style over it:


After hitting Ok you may have:


Step 27:


Now by using Ellipse Tool , draw a black Ellipse at the bottom of the fan, behind every layer and then run the comman Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur, give 10 in radius and place the blurred ellipse at:


Final Result:


So this is our Final Electric Fan, hope you have enjoyed making it and learn a lot from this tutorial.