In this tutorial we are going to look at how to design your own business card in Adobe Photoshop.

By Chris, on September 23, 2010, under Photoshop Tutorials

In this tutorial we are going to look at how to design your own business card in Adobe Photoshop.


Final Result Preview:


Step 1: Re colour


Create a new document in Photoshop at 600x300 pixels. Double click the locked bottom layer to unlock it. Using the Paint Bucket Tool (G) fill this layer with this darkish blue color (hex code: 2a2a2a)


Step 2:


Create a new layer and make sure it is ontop of the background layer. Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) create a long rectangle across the width of your document and fill it with white. Bring the opacity down to around 50%.


Step 3:


Lets start to fill in some text to get a feel for our business card. I used a font called Ebrima, and using a white color I typed in the services my business offers, over the white bar we just created in step 2. Make sure this text layer is above all the other layers as of now.


Step 4:


Start to drop in more text on your card. I used the same font, but mixed up the colors to give our card a nice color scheme. I thought a blue would look good so here is what I got so far. (blue color hex code: 00a2ff)


Step 5:


Under the top left corner text lets ad some eye candy. Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool again, create one short rectangle and fill it with white. Create another one, right above it that is slightly longer in length, and fill this with blue. Use your Moveo Tool to position these correctly in a good spot.


Step 6:


Our card still looks kind of empty so create some more text. For the initials in the top left, I brought the Opacity of that text layer down to around 25%.


Step 7:


Create a new layer ontop of aLL your layers. Press Ctrl+A to select your whole document. Go to Edit > Stroke, set width: 10px, color: white, location: inside.


Step 8:


Create a new layer, and go to Image > Apply Image. This should paste your whole business card so far, onto one layer. Right click this layer and go to Blending Options. Select the Pattern Overlay section in the blending options and you want to find a nice floral pattern online and use it here. Set the Opacity at 7% and you have your final result!