In this Photoshop Tutorial we will learn how to give enchantment to an ordinary photo by adding some colorful light effects. Resources needed: Smoke effect LINK Shatter glass brushes LINK Brused ink brushset LINK Snowboard Jump LINK    

By Dek Wid, on June 28, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Let’s start by creating a new document of 1345 pixels wide and 1076 pixels high.


Step 2

Now set the foreground color to #383838 and the background color to #0d0b0c. Take Gradient Tool in the tool panel and set the gradient to Liniear Gradient with normal mode at 100% opacity. Fill the white document with gradient by clicking and dragging the gradient tool from top to bottom. Please see the result I did in the illustration picture:


Step 3

Next, we will add the background with some textures. Firstly, create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) and then set the foreground color to #209633. Now, take Brush Tool in the tool panel. Make sure that the brushed inks have been installed in photoshop. Pick one of the brushes. Set the size of the brush to 500-600 pxl and stroke it on the new layer. Please refer to the the illustration picture to see the result I did as your reference:


Step 4

With free transform tool, scale the texture up to fill the canvas. Then, set it to multiply blending at 100% opacity. Duplicate (Ctrl+J) the texture layer two times and keep them with the same blending mode and opacity as the original one.


Step 5

The background with its texture is a bit too dark. We need to enlighten it. Create another new layer underneath the texture layers. Take a very soft round brush with about 600-700pxl size. With the new layer still selected, click the brush with white color on the most centered part of the canvas. See the illustration to know what should do in this step. The mark with white circle is the part to be enlightened. I named this layer light.


Step 6

We have done with the background so far. We will add a model to the scene. Open the model stock picture. What to do now is extracting the model from its background. Just take Pen Tool. Start creating the starting point anchor by clicking on the edges of the model (I started from the head)(1). Keep on tracing the model until the path is closed indicated by thin line around the model. Right click on the path to show up the path command option box. Choose Make Selection..(2). The model is selected now(3). Hit Ctrl+J to duplicate the selected model into a singel layer. Hide the background by clicking the eye icon. Here is the result (4).


Step 7

Add the model to the scene. Place and scale it as needed.


Step 8

Create a new layer again underneath the model and set this new layer to Color Blending. With a very soft brush at 40-50% opacity, paint some color we like. As your inspiration, please take a look at the illustration picture to know what colors I used in this step. We can opt any colors we like. I named this layer color.


Step 9

Again, create another new layer  above the color layer. Fill Shift+F5 this layer with 50% gray. With this new layer selected, go to filter > render > lens flare. Please take a look at  the illustration for the setting of the lens flare. Finally, set this layer to Overlay blending at 100% opacity. I named this layer flare.


Step 10

I decided to duplicate the light layer (in step 5) and place the duplication layer above the flare layer. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 20%. Let’s just name this layer : light 2.