Today's Photoshop Tutorial is about how to create futuristic city landscape. We will learn some important steps dealing with combining and manipulating photos to create a landscape featuring a fantasy city with strong feels of futuristic atmosphere on it.

By Dek Wid, on April 06, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 21:


Next I added the building to the main document.


Step 22:


To enhance the background, I added some cloud. I place the cloud picture above the gradient background layer and set its Blending to Overlay at 100% Opacity.


Step 23:


In this step we will give adjustment layers to the scene: Brightness/Contrast. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast. I added two Brightness/Contrast adjustment layers. Mask some parts of the adjustment layers:


Step 24:


Create a new layer. Fill this new layer with #020227 and take Brush Tool in the tool panel. Now set the foreground color to #fefefe. With a very soft round brush, stroke the area around the city. Set this layer to Multiply Blending at 54% Opacity.


Step 25:


To add more dynamic feel of the scene, I decided to add some crafts. Here is the craft I created. The way of how I created this is almost similar way of creating the doom building. I use much layer styles and some painting.


Step 26:


I also added some "people" on the scene. I did this by using the default costume shapes.


Step 27:


Next, we will give more adjustment layer to the scene. Please see the illustration below to see the setting of each adjustment layer.


Step 28:


Now we will set more lightning to the grass hill we have created in step 15-16. Go to the grass hill layer. Duplicate this layer. Give this duplication layer a clipping mask. Now fill this layer with 50% grey. Then paint some white color on this layer. After that, set this layer Blending to Overlay at 100% Opacity. Finally, create an adjustment layer: Channel Mixer. Remember to give this adjustment layer a Clipping Mask.


Step 29:


Finally, create another new layer above all the other layers. Fill this layer with black. Set it to Color Dodge Blending at 100% Opacity. With this new layer still selected, paint some color on the city and the building to give them light. Use a very small hard round brush to paint the light.


Step 30:


Hit Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E to merge all layer into a new single layer. Then, go to Filter > Other > High Pass. Set the high pass at around 2-4 pxl radius. Paint soft pink color to this layer and then set it to Multiply Blending at 100% Opacity.


Step 31:


To finish this work, we will give the scene final adjustment layer: Level. Go again to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Level. When the level command box shows up, just click Auto. There we have this result:


Step 32:


As addition, I gave nuance to the scene by adding stars derived from the nebula picture. I placed the picture above the cloud (step 22) layer in the layer panel and set this nebula layer to Overlay at 100% Opacity.


I hope you learn something today and happy photoshopping!