Create an Awesome Zombie Signature

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Using photoshop and Illustrator we are going to create this awesome Zombie vector piece you see below. Illustrator is not essential to the creation of the image but might come in handy if you do have it.

You'll also enjoy this 4 pages Photoshop Tutorial because you'll do a lot of nice colour painting, groovy colour shading, and enjoyable colour brushing with cool colour gradient filling in some areas too!

  • Tutorial Details:
  • Program: Photoshop + Illustrator
  • Version: CS2, CS3 + CS4
  • Difficulty: Beginner/Mod
  • Estimated Completion Time: 1-2 hours (depends on size of canvas)

In order to create this Photoshop Signature Tutorial we need to download a zombie vector (or make your own) now if you want to follow my tutorial perfectly you will need the Go Media Vector Pack 12. This pack costs around $35 and therefore might put some of you off.

Don't want to pay? No worries below are some free zombie vector you can download of the internet.


Final Result Preview:


Please note the final design is bigger than the images shown, they have be resized to fit and load on the web.


Step 1 - Illustrator :


If you have not already please download a zombie vector. (links included above) for the use in a signature the vector might be big enough to open straight in photoshop.

Because I am using a bigger canvas I am going to have to resize mine in illustrator If you don't need to resize move straight to step 2.

Open your AI file inside of illustrator and then create a new file big enough to fit your canvas. (I make mine as big as possible so mines 4000 x 4000 pixels)


Paste your vector inside of the new document, hold shift and resize it fully.


Finally save the file as a .PNG. This will mean that you have an alpha (transparent) background.


Step 2 - New document:


Open up photoshop and create a new document. Mine is size 354 x 500.

Using the paint bucket tool (g) fill the background a nice purple colour (#2f0045)


Step 3 - Open up zombie:


Import your zombie vector into photoshop and place into your signature. Place into the top half of the image.

My zombie contains a white background. Yours might not. It really doesn't matter although if it is transparent you might find the process easier in places.


Step 4 - If your zombie is white (if not ignore):


As much as it might seem pointless at this current time, but the zombie layer and then turn the top zombie onto multiply.

Nothing happened? Good.

Multiply removes the white background of the top zombie and we are going to work between these two layer when painting.


Step 4.5:


Just some information rather than a guide.

If you have a graphics tablet this would be the time to get it out.

Graphics tablets allow you to paint objects with your hand instead of a mouse. This is a more precise way in order to do these pieces. If you only have a mouse you will be fine, but it might take you longer.


Step 5 - Painting time:


Create a new layer (layer > new > layer).

Select your paintbrush, select a hard round brush without any settings. We simply need to paint the first layer.

Select a nice green colour, in my case I used (#0da028) and reduced it to 66% opacity. Although you could just use the final colour I decided on which is #60c071

Then simply paint the head of the zombie remove any mistakes with the eraser tool.

USEFUL TIP: When painting you can press the square brackets on your keyboard to make your brush bigger and smaller.


Free download files


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