In this Photoshop Tutorial we will create an amazing light streaks photo manipulation using photoshop. Resources needed: Background thanks to needanewname LINK Bobcat thanks to shoofly-stock LINK White cat LINK Light streaks LINK Sky LINK    

By nishagandhi, on August 29, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Open the background image in photoshop.


Step 2

Right click the background layer and choose blending options--apply satin effect as shown.


Step 3

Apply photo filter to the background.

Make sure you have selected the clipping mask option.

(This is done by right clicking the photo filter layer and select 'create clipping mask' option.)


Step 4

Add the bob cat as shown below after removing its background.


Step 5

Apply satin to bob cat. The settings are shown below.


Step 6

Apply photo filter to bob cat. Make sure you have selected the clipping mask option.


Step 7

Using a soft black brush of low opacity, paint the shadows of the bob cat.


Step 8

Remove the background of  the white cat and place it as shown.


Step 9

Apply satin effect to white cat. Apply the settings as shown below.


Step 10

Add shadows to white cat. This is done by painting with a black soft brush with low opacity on a new layer.

I had set the layer's blending mode to soft light.