In this new Valentine’s Day Photoshop Tutorial we’ll learn how to create a cool wallpaper with some flying heart balloons, and a cloud text effect using a few layers styles, brushes, and text. Resources needed: Intro font from FontFabric LINK    

By Supercolor, on February 11, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1 - Background and Clouds Part

Open up Photoshop and create a new document, mine is 1250x750px with a transparent background. rename the layer «Background» and fill it with White, Edit - Fill- White.


Add a Gradient Overlay layer style on this background layer, Layer - Layer Style - Gradient Overlay with a blue to light grey colours gradient, #53D0FC - #B2C8F2 and those parameters:


Create a new layer, fill it with black, Edit - Fill - Black then go to Filter - Render - Clouds. change the blending mode to Screen. Use the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) to reisze it 50% of its height, then still using the Free Transform Tool, right click and select Perspective, pull the right side to the right and press enter. Rename this layer «Clouds 1»


Repeat the same process on a new layer to create other clouds, rename this layer «Clouds 2»


Place the two clouds layers in a new group, rename the group «Clouds», create a blank Layer Mask on this group, then select the Brush Tool (B), with a Big soft round brush and blakc for the colour, paint on the top part of the clouds in the layer mask, this will fade the clouds on the top.


Create a new layer, rename it «Clouds», still with the Brush Tool, paint some clouds with some cloud brushes, you can find some on deviantART - «Clouds Brushes on deviantART» , download the ones you like, load them in Photoshop and paint with the Brush Tool in white in the «Clouds» layer.


Step 2 - Heart Balloon Part 1

In this step we’ll create the Heart Balloons. Create a new document in Photoshop, mine in 500x1000px, select the Custom Shape Tool (U), select the heart shape in the shape library in the toolbar and create a blakc heart on the top of the canvas.


Use the Pen Tool (P) to create a small triangle shape under the heart. Merge those two shapes, select both shape layers, then right click - Merge Shapes.


Let’s create the balloon effect on this merged shape by adding a few Layer Styles with those parameters:


Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) and create a small rounded rectangle on the bottom of the heart balloon, copy the layer style of the heart balloon and paste it on the small rounded rectangle we just created. to do that, select the heart ballon shape layer, right click on it and select Copy Layer Style, then select the new shape layer, right click and select Paster Layer Style.


Step 3 - Heart Balloon Part 2

Create a new document, 150x150px, we’ll use this document to create a stripe pattern, create 4 black vertical stripes with the Rectangle Tool in this document. select the 4 stripes layers, use the Free Transform Tool to rotate those 4 stripes 45° and press enter.


When that’s done, go to Image - Canvas Size and change it to 100x100px. Select all the canvas, Select - All then go to Edit - Define Pattern and save this pattern, I named it «Stripe Pattern».


Go back to the Heart Balloon document, create a thin black rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (U) under the balloon, this will be the string.


Change the Fill of this new shape to 35% then add a Pattern Overlay layer style on it, Layer - Layer Style - Pattern Overlay with the stripe pattern we just created and those parameters:


Select all the layers we created in this document and merge them, Layer - Merge Layers or Ctrl+E. Rename this merged layer Heart Balloon and duplicate it, rename the new one Plastic Warp Filter, then let’s apply this cool filter on this heart balloon, go to Filter - Filter Gallery - Artistic - Plastic Wrap and enter those parameters:


Change the Fill of the «Plastic Warp Filter» layer to 50%. Merge those two layers or select them and create a Smart Object and drag this heart balloon in the main wallpaper document, Duplicate it as much as you want, use the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) to resize them and place some on the whole canvas, when you’re done place all the heart balloons in a new group named Heart Balloons.


Step 4 - Cloud Text Effect

In this step we’ll create a cool cloud text effect, I used a font called «Intro» from FontFabric, you can find the link in the Resources Needed section at the top of the tutorial, download the font, load it in your font library, then write something, I wrote «I YOU», I didn’t write the «love» in prupose, we’ll use an heart balloon instead. when you’ve wrote the text, select the Text layer in the layer panel, right click on it and select «Select Pixels» this will select the text, then select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), right click on the text selection and select Make Work Path with a 1px tolerance.


Select the Brush Tool (B), select one of the clouds brushes you used before, downsize it to about 20px, then select the Pen Tool (P), create a new layer, and with the Pen Tool, right click on the work path we just created (if its not appearing, select it in the path panel), select Stroke Path and click OK this will create clouds following the text path.


Add a Drop Shadow layer style on this new clouds layer with those parameters:


Create a new layer, with the same path but a different cloud brush use the same process to create other clouds around the text. create a Layer Mask on this new text cloud layer, use the Brush Tool, a soft rounded brush and black for the colours paint in the layer mask to hide a few parts of this layer.


To finish this wallpaper, add a big heart balloon in the middle of the text between the «I» and the «Y».


That’s it for this wallpaper, I hope you’ve learned a few tricks and techniques and you’ll share it with your loved one. Feel free to leave a comment and share your creations.