In this Photoshop Tutorial, we will create a romantic moment using several stock photographs. By combining the right photography in Photoshop you can create just about any scene that you want. You will see how to make a romantic moment in Photoshop with adding dreamy effects. Resources needed: Model LINK Background LINK Dove 1 LINK Dove 2 LINK Roses LINK    

By Muhammad , on February 13, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Start by creating a new document with size of 1000px wide and 1200px high.


Step 2

Open the "Sunny Field" stock photo provided for this tutorial and drag it on your working document. Using Transform Tool (Ctrl + T) place it as shown in the image below.


Step 3

Use the Rectangular marquee tool to make a selection on the image and then press Ctrl + J to make a duplicate.


Step 4

Go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur, Use these settings:


Step 5

Activate layer 1, Pick the Burn Tool (O) and select the Midtones Range. Use a 0% Hardness brush, So then, start using a big brush to darken the grass on its bottom side.


Step 6

Go to Layer > New Adjustments layer > Color balance, Use these settings:


Step 7

Create another adjustment layer: Color balance, Mask the adjustment layer so that it does not effect the grass image:


Step 8

Create another adjustment layer again : Brightness/Contrast, Use these settings:


Step 9

Then, create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) fill the layer with the black color and then go to Filter > Render > Lens flare.


Set the blending of this layer to Screen:


Step 10

Open the “model” stock photo, Before being able to do something with this image, we have to cut out the "model" from its photo background. Due to the colors used here, it seems that our only option is to use the Pen Tool (P). Select this tool in Paths Mode and click in any edge area of the "model".


Right – click and select Make Selection:


Copy (Ctrl+C) the image and paste it on the canvas (Ctrl+V), press Ctrl+T to resize image, press Enter and rename this layer as "model".