In this new Valentine’s Day Photoshop Tutorial we’ll learn how to create a trendy Minimalist Valentine’s Day Poster using some filters, and fonts. Resources needed: JustanOtherFont from daFont LINK    

By Supercolor, on February 11, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1 - Background and Texture

Open up Photoshop and create a new document, mine is 2480x3508px with a transparent background. rename the layer «Background» and fill it with White, Edit - Fill- White.

Create a new layer, rename it «Mosaic», select the Gradient Tool (G), make sure you set the option in the toolbar to Diamond Gradient and create a gradient from the centre to the right with a gradient going from White to Pink, #FFFFFF - #E1007D - #E700C1.


Next let’s use the Twirl filter to distort this gradient, go to Filter - Distort - Twirl with a 700° angle.


On this same «Mosaic» layer, let’s distort it a little more using the Wave Filter, go to Filter - Distort - Wave with those parameters:


Use the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) to resize this «Mosaic» layer, change the Height to 150%.


Now to create the Mosaic effect we’ll use the Stained Glass Filter in the Filter Gallery, go to Filter - Filter Gallery - Texture - Stained Glass, and enter those parameters: Cell Size : 35, Border Thickness : 8, Light Intensity : 2. You can play with those parameter to get a result you like.


Step 2 - Gradient Map and Heart

Create a new Gradient Map Adjustment Layer, Window - Adjustments with two red colours, #DE1F58 - #F20060 on top of the «Mosaic» layer.


Use the Custom Shape Tool with a Heart shape to create a big heart shape in the centre of the canvas.


Step 3 - Text

Now let’s add some text on this poster, for the text in the heart I used a font called «Just an Other Font», Use any font you like, I wrote «love» in the centre of the heart.


Next select the «Mosaic» layer and the Gradient Map layer and press Ctrl+Alt+E, this will merge those two layers in a new one. Place this new layer on top of the text layer, right click on the new layer and select, Create Clipping Mask.


Next I used the same font to write «Happy Valentine’s in white under the big heart.


To finish this poster, duplicate the big heart shape, rotate it 180°, Edit - Transform - Rotate 180°, place it on the bottom of the canvas, just to have the pointy part of the heart visible.


That’s it for this tutorial, I hope you’ve enjoyed creating this poster, don’t forget to offer it to your loved one. Feel free to leave a comment and share your creations.