In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll show you how to create a photo manipulation of a surreal head with rose. We'll go through techniques of blending, adjusting color as well as retouching, using brush, masking, working with group and more. Resources needed: Model LINK Eyes LINK Paper texture LINK Hand LINK Rose LINK Petals LINK    

By pureromance88, on August 09, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 21

Isolate the rose and place it inside the head fill, use layer mask to remove unecessary parts:


Step 22

Make a new layer under the rose one. Create shadow for the rose as done with another elements:


Step 23

I use Curves to brighten the rose:


On Curves layer mask, I erase the front part, the part inside the head as they must be darker:


Step 24

Take some petals from its stock and arrange them around the picture, on the head, between the fingers. Duplicate and rotate them if needed to get different movements. I apply Gassian Blur with 4 px for the petals near the edges to add some depth to the picture.


Step 25

I use Curves to darken the petals at the bottom edges:


Step 26

Make shadow for the petals on the head:


Step 27

Create group for the petals. I use Curves to brighten some petals:

Erase on some petals as I don't want them darker:


Step 28

Make some adjustment layers on the top (Gradient Map, Color Balance, Photo Filter):

Change the mode of this Gradient Map layer to Soft Light 70%:


Step 29

I use two adjustment layers (Brightness/Contrast, Levels) to darken the whole picture:


Final Result: