In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll show you how to create a photo manipulation of a surreal head with rose. We'll go through techniques of blending, adjusting color as well as retouching, using brush, masking, working with group and more. Resources needed: Model LINK Eyes LINK Paper texture LINK Hand LINK Rose LINK Petals LINK    

By pureromance88, on August 09, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 11

Open the stock with closed eyes. Take the eyes only and place them onto the eyes of model:


Use layer mask to remove hard edges and blend the eyes with the face:


Step 12

Make group for the eye layers and remember to change the mode to Normal 100%. Use Hue/Saturation and Curves layer (Clipping Mask) to change color and darken the eyes a little:


On Curves layer mask I erase the top of the eyelids as I don't want them too dark:


Step 13

Copy the hand from original stock and place it under model head. Set this layer above the eyes group. Duplicate it, go to Edit-Transform-Rotate 180 and set it at the top center of the picture:


Step 14

Add layer mask to the hand layer under model head. Use hard black brush (don't use soft brush in this case) to remove some fingers to make it look like holding the head:


Step 15

To make the lower hand softer, duplicate this layer. Choose Filter-Blur-Surface Blur:


Add layer mask to it and remove "plastic" effect on the fingers and the edges


Step 16

Make a new layer under the hand ones. Use soft black brush with opacity about 20-25% to paint shadow of the fingers on the cheek:


Step 17

Make group for the hand ones. Use Hue/Saturation, Curves and Levels layers to change color and brightness of the hands:


Step 18

To correct light and shadow on the hands, I make two layers within this group. On the first I use soft brush with color #d9cdc5 to paint on the fingers and left side of the lower hand, the right side of the upper one to darken them. Change the mode to Multiply 50%:


On the second I use same brush to paint on some part of the upper hand to brighten them. Set the mode to Soft Light 100%:


Step 19

To add more light to the upper hand, I make a new layer inside this group. Hold Cmd/Ctrl while clicking this thumbnail layer to load its selection.


Go to Edit-Stroke and pick color #f8f7a9:


Filter-Blur-Gassian Blur:


Use layer mask to remove light on the top of this hand:


Step 20

Make a new layer on the top. Use soft black brush with very low opacity (20-25%) to paint shadow of the head on the hand: