In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll show you how to create a surreal head carrying a tree. You'll learn how to combine different stocks, blend them correctly, use layer mask, adjust color and more. Resources needed: Sky LINK Man LINK Tree LINK Flowers LINK Soil LINK House LINK Ladder LINK Hummingbird LINK Leaves LINK Leaves brushes LINK    

By pureromance88, on February 27, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 21

Open flower stock. Take some racemes and situate them around the tree leaves, duplicate, rotate, transform if needed:


Step 22

Make group for these flowers as done with the leaves. Use Color Balance, Selective Color, Curves layers within this group to change color and brighten them:


I use black brush to remove bright effect on the flowers on the right of the tree (as they should be darker than the ones on the left):


Step 23

Cut out the hummingbird and move him to the right of the tree:


I use Curves and Color Balance to change color of the bird a little:


I remove greenish effect on the wings of the bird after applying Color Balance:


Step 24

I make a new layer and use Dodge and Burn to darken the bird body and brighten his wings a bit:


Step 25

Open leaves stock. Cut out some leaves and position them around the man, tree, birds, foreground following the rule "the further the smaller". You can duplicate and rotate them as you desire. I name them from "leaf 1" to "leaf 11".


Step 26

I apply Gassian Blur with 3 px to the leaves at foreground to add depth to the picture:


Step 27

I add Curves layers (Clipping Mask) to some leaves: to brighten the leaves on the left and darken the ones on the right:


Step 28

Final step: I use a Gradient Map layer to change color and make a better contrast to entire picture:



Change the mode of this Gradient Map layer to Soft Light 100%.


Final Result: