In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll show you how to create a surreal head carrying a tree. You'll learn how to combine different stocks, blend them correctly, use layer mask, adjust color and more. Resources needed: Sky LINK Man LINK Tree LINK Flowers LINK Soil LINK House LINK Ladder LINK Hummingbird LINK Leaves LINK Leaves brushes LINK    

By pureromance88, on February 27, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 11

Extract the tree and position it above the soil, then use layer mask to remove a bottom part:


Step 12

I add a Color Balance layer to change color of the tree then use soft black brush to erase the greenish part on the trunk:


Step 13

I use Dodge and Burn on a new layer with same settings in step 9 to change the brightness of the tree to fit the main light source.


Step 14

I make a Curves layer to brighten the tree a little then use black brush to remove brightness on the right and create a nice contrast between left and right:


Step 15

Open tree stock again. Copy some small leaves from it and move them around the tree bottom, on man shoulder and rotate them to create a look of falling. You can duplicate and transform them if you want:


Step 16

Make all leaf layers selected then press Cmd/Ctrl+G to make group for them. Change the mode from Pass Through (default group mode) to Normal 100%. Make two adjustment layers (Color Balance and Curves) within this group (above leaf ones):


Then I use soft black brush to remove dark effect on the left of the leaf near the tree bottom as it gets some light from sky:


Step 17

Extract the ladder and move it to the left of tree bottom, blend it with the soil by layer mask:


I use Hue/Saturation and Curves (Clipping Mask) to change color and brightness of the ladder:


Then I use soft black with opacity about 20-30% to reduce brightness on the right of the ladder where should be darker than the left (on Curves layer mask):


Step 18

In this step we'll make shadow for the ladder on the tree. Make a new layer under ladder one. Hold Cmd/Ctrl while clicking ladder thumbnail layer to load its selection:


Fill this selection with black then lower opacity to 40%, move it to the right a little. Go to Filter-Blur-Gassian Blur and apply radius as 2,5 px. Then add layer mask and hide the part outside the tree:


Step 19

Isolate the house and move it to the top right of the tree then add layer mask and use leaves brushes to blend the bottom with the leaves. I use leaves brushes as it will create leaves-like edges and make the house blended with the tree naturally. Remember to vary brush kinds to get more natural look:


I add two adjustment layers to change color and brightness of the house.






I use black brush to erase the roof of the house:


Step 20

Make two new layers with Clipping Mask. On the first I use soft brush with color #c6c6bd to darken the part under the roof and set mode to Multipy 100%:


On the second that is set to Soft Light mode 100% I use same brush to brighten the left of the roof a little: