In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll show you how to create a surreal head carrying a tree. You'll learn how to combine different stocks, blend them correctly, use layer mask, adjust color and more. Resources needed: Sky LINK Man LINK Tree LINK Flowers LINK Soil LINK House LINK Ladder LINK Hummingbird LINK Leaves LINK Leaves brushes LINK    

By pureromance88, on February 27, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Create a new document with 1000x1000 px and fill it with white. Open sky stock. Take a part from this sky and drag it (V) into our white canvas, resize as shown below:


Step 2

I want to make a main light source  from top left so I make a new layer and hit G to active Gradien Tool. Choose Radial Gradient with default colors (black and white) then change the mode to Soft Light 100%:


Step 3

I use an adjustment layer to change color of sky a little. Go to Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Hue/Saturation:


Step 4

Open man stock. Take only his body part (don't take the head) and place it at the middle area of our main picture:


Step 5

To change the contrast and color of man body, I use some adjustment layers with Clipping Mask. On man layer, go to Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Curves:


Then I use soft black brush to paint over the left side of the man to remove bright effect there:


Hue/Saturation and Color Balance:


Step 6

Open soil stock. Copy a soil part (free to make your choice) and place it above the neck of the man:


Click the second button at the bottom of Layer Pallete to add layer mask to this layer. Reset brushes to default then choose Spatter 24 pixels brush:


Use this brush to remove hard edges and create a look of the soil spatting out of the man neck:


Step 7

Make a new layer (Clipping Mask) and use Clone Tool to fix some parts on the soil:


Step 8

I use a Hue/Saturation layer with Clipping Mask for the soil :


Step 9

Make a new layer (Clipping Mask), change the mode to Overlay 100% and fill with 50% gray:


Take Dodge and Burn with Midtones Range and Exposure about 20-25% to change brightness of the soil. I darken the right and brighten the left:


Step 10

I make a Levels layer (Clipping Mask) to brighten the soil a little, then use soft black brush to erase the right: