Create a retro poster with light effects

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Step 11 - White Highlight Circles


Let's add some details on this poster, we'll create some fading circles on the shapes, create a new layer then select the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and create a circle selection in the middle of the poster around one of the shapes, next inverse this selection, Select - Inverse, select the Brush Tool (B) and a soft rounded brush and white paint in the middle part of the selection, this will paint all around the original selection.


Duplicate this layer 4 times and use the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) to resize them so at the end you've got 5 fading circles around the shapes. When that's done place the 5 layers we just created in a new group, rename the group White Highlight Circles, change the opacity of the group to 50% and its Blending Mode to Color Dodge.


Step 12 - Light Lines


Now let's create some light effects on this poster to give a more futuristic feel. Create a new layer then select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and create a selection of the left part of the poster. Next select the Brush Tool (B) with a Soft Rounded Brush of about 300px with white then start painting on the edge of the selection with the edge of the brush. When you've got the result you like, deselect the selection and duplicate the light layer we just created. Make sure you've got the duplicated layer selected then flip it horizontally, Edit - Transform - Flip Horizontal. Place the light next to the other like below, when that's done duplicate the 2 light layers we just created. Then select the 4 light layers we created in this step and Merge them, Ctrl+E or go to Layer - Merge Layers.


Now let your creative part out and duplicate the original light layer as much as you want and place it where you want using the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) to resize or rotate the lines, I've place 4 long light lines on the shapes, one horizontal, one vertical and the 2 other in diagonal. I place those 4 light lines layers in a new group, changed the Blending Mode of the group to Color Dodge. Then I duplicated the original light line layer a few more time and placed light lines all around the poster and place all those layers in a group with a Color Dodge blending mode.


Step 13 - Vertical Light Grid


Let's add some more light to this poster, duplicate the original light line layer around 25 times then place all those vertical light lines on the poster using the Move Tool (V) so it creates a grid, you should have something like below:


When that's done merge all those layers and rename the merged layer Vertical Light Grid and place it in a new group, rename the group Vertical Light Grid as well, change the opacity of the group to 25% and its blending mode to Color Dodge.


Step 14 - Retro is Future


Now let's use the Retro is Future custom typo you've created in Step 1, open the Illustrator document with the custom typo, then copy the typo and paste it on the poster, then move it in the top part of the poster. Duplicate the typo layer we'll use it later.


Next let's add some colour on this typo, add a Gradient Overlay layer style on it, Layer - Layer Style - Gradient Overlay with a linear gradient going from #feb949 to #ec5093 with an angle of 0. Rename this layer Retro is Future Color then go on the typo layer we duplicated before and place it under the Retro is Future Color layer, this will be a shadow of the text, rename this layer Retro is Future Shadow and apply a Gaussian Blur filter of a 5px radius on it, Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur. To finish change the fill of the layer to 25%.


Step 15 - Retro Textures


In the final step of this tutorial we'll use 3 textures to give a retro feel to the poster. First let's use a nebula texture I found on deviantART called Deep Space V2 by treasuresex, you can find it in the Resources Needed section. When you've downloaded the texture open it up in Photoshop and drag it in the poster document. Use the Free Transform Tool to resize or rotate it, when that's done desaturate the texture, Ctrl+Shift+U, change the blending mode to Overlay and its fill to 50% and rename the layer Nebula Texture.


Next I used a brown cardboard texture I also found on deviantART called zombiestock00057 by zombiestock you can find it in the Resources Needed section, drag it into the document when its downloaded, resize or rotate it using the Free Transform Tool, then rename the layer Brown Cardboard Texture, change its fill to 20% and its Blending Mode to Hard Light.


The last texture is also a cardboard texture I found on called cardboard by fcayanez you can find it in the Resources Needed section, when you've downloaded it, drag it into the poster document, resize or rotate it then rename the layer Cardboard Texture, change its opacity to 75% and its blending mode to Multiply. Place all 3 texture layers in a new group, rename the group Textures.


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