In this Photoshop Tutorial we will learn how to create a minimalist movie poster. Through this tutorial we will learn how to apply texture, set light effects, extract images, all these with a cool typography design. Resources needed: Twigs Texture Model    

By Dek Wid, on April 02, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Create a new document by hitting Ctrl+N with size of 1500 pxl wide and 1929 pxl high. Set the foreground color to #fc1919 and background to #000000. Activate the gradient tool and choose linear gradient. Fill the background layer with the gradient by clicking on the top of the canvas, hold and drag to the bottom.


Step 2

Next open the texture to the document. Position and scale the size to fit the canvas. Do this with free transform tool. Set this texture layer to overlay blending at 100% opacity.


Step 3

Create a new layer by hitting Shift+Ctrl+N and fill this layer with linear gradient with color of white to black. Do this step as the one in step 1. Set this layer to soft light blending at 94% opacity.


Step 4

Create a new layer again. Take the brush tool in the tool panel. Choose a hard round brush and set its size to 210 pxl. With color #f7e28c, click the brush on the new layer. Next go to filter > blur > Gaussian blur. I named this layer moon.


Step 5

Duplicate moon layer two times. Set the first duplicate to color dodge blending to 6% opacity and the second to dissolve at 50% opacity. Select all the moon layers and hit Ctrl+G to group them into a group layer. Name this group moon. Finally, set this group to color dodge blending at 75% opacity.


Step 6

Duplicate the group layer one time and set the duplicate to color dodge at 38% opacity. The result should look like this:


Step 7

Next, we will add some twigs to the scene. Open the twig stock image. Go to select > color range. Click the white background of the twig image to sample the color to be selected. Set the fuzziness to 41 and hit OK to select the white background. Hit Shift+Ctrl+I to inverse the selection. Finally, after inversing the selection, hit Shift+F5 to fill the selection. Fill it with black color. Hit Ctrl+J to duplicate the selection into a new single layer.


Step 8

Add the twig to the scene. Set the twig layers to overlay blending at 100% opacity.


Step 9

In this step we will add an illustration of a house to the scene. Create a new layer and take the pen tool in the tool panel. Start to create path to create an illustration of the house. After creating the path, right click on it to show path command option box. Choose stroke path and use brush as the tool of stroking. Make sure to use white as the color and set the size of the brush accordingly.


Step 10

Do the same as the one in step 8 to complete the house: