In this Photoshop Tutorial we will create a photo manipulation of a futuristic soldier with a strong sci-fi feel in it. Follow this tutorial to learn how to give a custom design to a model like dramatizing it with a futuristic sci-fi look. Resources needed: Model 1 LINK    

By Dek Wid, on March 04, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 21

And do the same way to colorize the gun:


Step 22

Proceed to give color to the two shoulders:


Step 23

The head:


Step 24

The boots:


Step 25

Finally, select all the model layers and hit Ctrl+E to merge them into a new single layer. I named this layer model. Then, go to filter > others > custom. This filter will sharpen the image:


Step 26

Create a new document with size of 828 pxl wide and 1024 pxl high. Fill this new document with linier gradient with the following color as seen in the screenshot. Duplicate the gradient layer and set the duplicate to overlay at 100% opacity:


Step 27

Create another linier gradient on a new layer above the previous gradient background. Set this new gradient to overlay at 60% opacity:


Step 28

Create another new layer and paint a big yellow spot on the scene. Use a very soft round brush to do this purpose. Set this yellow layer to soft light opacity at 100%. Then, duplicate this layer one time and set the duplicate to linier light at 100% opacity.


Step 29

again create a new layer. With this new layer still selected, go to filter > render > cloud. Make sure to set the color of the foreground and BG as seen in the screenshot. After creating the cloud, set this cloud to overlay at 100% opacity.


Step 30

On a new layer, create another cloud as the one seen in the screenshot and then set this new cloud to multiply at 100% opacity: