In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll show you how to create a fantasy witch scene with magical effect. We'll go though the techniques of combining different stocks, blending them in correct way, adjusting colors, retouching model, working with lighting and shadow and more. Resources needed: Ground LINK Forest LINK Model LINK Hair brushes LINK Eyelash brushes LINK Hat LINK Pumpkin LINK Book LINK Skull LINK Sphere LINK Lens Flare LINK Lighting brushes LINK    

By pureromance88, on October 30, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 11

Merge all transparent layers (extracted model, hair ones), then move this layer into our main picture, resize and situate her on ground:


Create a new layer under model layer. Use soft black brush with opacity about 60% to paint under model dress to make a shadow underneath:


Step 12

In this step we'll make shadow of model on ground. I aim to make main light source from the top center so she should have a shadow in front of viewers. Make a new layer under shadow layer. Hold Cmd/Ctrl while clicking model thumbnail layer to load her selection:


Fill this selection with black then go to Edit-Transform-Flip Vertical. Move this shadow under model bottom:


Lower opacity to 50% and apply Gassian Blur with 3 px then add layer mask to blur shadow top a little:


Step 13

Now this time to retouch model. First I want to fix corner of model lips to create a better expression:


Go to Filter-Liquify with settings below:


Stretch up this coner and it's my result:


Step 14

I use a Hue/Saturation layer (Clipping Mask) to reduce saturation of model:


Step 15

Make a new layer (Clipping Mask) and I use soft brush with color #cba595, opacity and flow about 22-25% to paint on model face to brighten, soften and remove some hard features on the face:


I use Dodge and Burn tool with same settings in step 10 (on a layer) to brighten skin, darken eyes, eyebrows to refine facial features. You can see difference before and after this step:


Step 16

Add a Selective Color layer (Clipping Mask) for model to change color of her dress:


Step 17

In order to make model face look fuller, I make a new layer on the top (non-Clipping Mask). Use Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) to make selection on the right of model cheek and fill with color #d2987b (picked from model skin):


I use Burn Tool to darken the edge of this part:


Step 18

Create a new layer on the top again and change foreground to black. Use eyelash brush, number 920 (or your choice) to paint on model eyelashes to make the eyes more outstanding, remember to transform and remove any unwanted parts with layer mask:


Step 19

Extract pumpkin and place it on the left of model:

Create shadows for pumpkin as done with model:


Step 20

Use a Hue/Saturation layer (Clipping Mask) to reduce saturation and brightness of pumpkin: