In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll show you how to create a fantasy witch scene with magical effect. We'll go though the techniques of combining different stocks, blending them in correct way, adjusting colors, retouching model, working with lighting and shadow and more. Resources needed: Ground LINK Forest LINK Model LINK Hair brushes LINK Eyelash brushes LINK Hat LINK Pumpkin LINK Book LINK Skull LINK Sphere LINK Lens Flare LINK Lighting brushes LINK    

By pureromance88, on October 30, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Create a new layer and fill it with white or any colors you like. Open ground stock. Take only a part of this ground and place it into our white canvas after stretching it:


Step 2

I want to remove a small rock on the ground so I make a new layer and use Clone Tool to do it:


Step 3

Make a new layer and use Blur Tool with Strength about 60% to blur the upper part:


Step 4

Go to New Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Hue/Saturation to change color of this ground:


Step 5

Open forest stock. Use Move Tool (V) to drag it into our main document and resize it:


Add layer mask for forest layer and use soft black brush to remove hard edge of it:


Go to Filter-Blur-Gassian Blur and set radius as 3 px:


This step is to add depth to our picture.


Step 6

On forest layer, choose New Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Hue/Saturation with Clipping Mask:

I use a Curves layer (Clipping Mask) for this forest then use soft black brush (on Curves layer maks) to remove and blur dark effect on top of forest:



Step 7

Make a new layer (Clipping Mask) and use soft black brush to paint on right edge of forest. Then change the mode to Soft Light 50%:



Step 8

Make a Photo Filter layer on the top:


Step 9

Create a new layer on the top. Use soft black brush to paint on the edges of ground and forest and set the mode as Soft Light 60%.


Step 10

Open model stock. Extract her and paste extracted model into a new layer:


Make some new layers and change foreground to #8c501a (picked from model hair). On each layer, use hair brushes, number 1000 and 928 (you can choose the one for your taste) to paint on model hair as shown below, remember use layer mask, transform tools (Cm/Ctrl+T) and Warp tool to make them fit model hair falls:


Make a new layer with Clipping Mask for hair one, change the mode to Overlay 100% and fill with 50% gray:


Take Dodge and Burn Tool with Midtones range, Exposure about 20-30% to make some shadow and highlights on the hair :


On a separate layer, I paint some tiny hair strands out of model head using Wacom tablet to make the hair more natural: