In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll show you how to create a dark fantasy forest fire scene. You'll learn how to create a dark dreamy background, work with lighting and make fire effect. Resources needed: ModelLINK ForestLINK HairLINK FireLINK    

By pureromance88, on December 07, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 11

Make a new layer on the top and I use soft white brush to paint on the top middle where main light source located. Change the mode to Overlay 40%:


Step 12

New layer again and take Radiant Gradient with default colors (black and white):


Change the mode to Soft Light 100% and use layer mask to clear bright effect on model and blur the dark effect on foreground. See how I masked on layer mask:


On picture:


Step 13

On a new layer, I use soft brush with color #b3c7cd to paint on model legs to darken them more. I set the mode to Multipy 100%:


Step 14

Open fire stock. Move it to the right of model legs and resize it to be much smaller:


Change the mode to Screen 100% and use layer mask to remove hard edges:


The fire effect looks best on a dark background. If you're working on brighter background, you should use some other modes such as Soft Light, Color Dodge etc...Now duplicate this fire layer many times and position them to create a bigger fire pile. I use 15 layers for this fire effect with Screen mode:


I group all these fire layers and name it "fire pile".


Step 15

Use same method in previous step to make a look that model is holding a fire on the right hand. I use 3 layer for this effect:


Step 16

Make group for fires on the hand and change the mode to Screen 100% (it's very important to keep the effect like before grouping). Add a Photo Filter layer within this group to add more vibrant yellow for this fire.


Step 17

Since this step we're going to add light effect from the fires. Make a new layer under fire groups . Change brush color to #644e13 (you can choose any dark yellow-orange colors to fit your own pic) and paint around fire pile bottom then set the mode to Color Dodge 100%:


Step 18

Make two new layers and take soft brush with color #da9441. Paint on the part indicated in previous step and change mode of the first layer to Color 100%, the second to Color Dodge 100%:


I name these layers from "light effect 1" to "light effect 3".


Step 19

Make a new layer and use soft brush with color #da6541 to paint on model parts (dress, legs) which get light from the fire pile. Put the mode to Color Dodge 100%:


Step 20

Continue with a new layer and change brush color to #da9441, lower opacity and flow to 40-45% but increase the size (400-450 px) to paint over the file pile to create glowing effect for it: