Create a Creepy Halloween Scene in Photoshop

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Create a Creepy Halloween Scene in Photoshop and practice your skills in using Photoshop Tools such as Free Transform Tool, Magic Wand Tool, and Pen Tool. Your Layer Style taste and techniques can also be enhanced with this Photoshop Tutorial because we will be using some of these such as Drop Shadow, Satin, and Color Overlay to make all the distinct stock images complement with each other and produce our Creepy Hallooween Scene Composition. Although this tutorial has over 20 steps, you wouldn't find it difficult to produce such great Photo Manipulations because only some cool basic and easy tricks are applied, just stay focused and always be creative!

Final Result Preview


Step 1:


Open the castle image. Duplicate this layer. Select the Magic Wand Tool. Set the Tolerance value to 70.

Now click on the sky, and the sky should now be selected.


Step 2:


Now hit Delete to remove the selected sky.


Step 3:


Open the sky image and Drag this image as shown.


Step 4:


Using Free Transform Tool, resize the sky until it exactly fits in with the main image.

Now your image looks like this.


Step 5:


Select the Building Layer. Our aim is to match the building color with the sky color.

Now go to Image > Adjustments > Match Color. Now choose the settings as shown.


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