In this Photoshop Tutorial, we will create a beautiful wallpaper using Photoshop CS5.  Resources needed: Couple LINK Castle (Arch 2 by Intoxicated stock) LINK Sky (Saint-Jean-Cloudscape-II by somadjinn) LINK Space brushes LINK Light beams brushes LINK Sparklies brushes LINK    

By nishagandhi, on June 12, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Open the couple image in photoshop.


Remove the sky from the image as shown.

I used refine edge tool for a neat selection of the tree and the couple.


The settings for refine edge tool are shown below.


Step 2

Now open the sky image in photoshop. Place it as shown below.


Step 3

Now load the space brushes and select stardust brush. Using white brush paint stars. You will get the image shown below.


Step 4

Now open the castle image in photoshop. Resize it and place the castle as shown below.


Step 5

Apply layer mask to the castle as shown below.


Step 6

Apply color overlay to the castle. Choose the color f6f1f1 and set the blending mode to soft light.


Step 7

Now using the light beams brush, paint on the centre of the castle as shown.


Step 8

Paint more light beams as shown below.


Step 9

Using sparklies brush, paint on the castle and also near the tree as shown. This step gives a heavenly look to the castle.


Step 10

Apply photo filter. The settings are shown below.