In this Photoshop Tutorial, we will create a beautiful fantasy dragon photo manipulation. Resources needed: Dreamburst background LINK Blue Dragon by Elevit stock LINK Castle by starbl00d-stock LINK Twilight on aeroplane by garfwong LINK Light beams brushes LINK Space brushes LINK    

By nishagandhi, on August 08, 2013, under Photoshop Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Open dreamburst background in photoshop.


Step 2

Now using your favorite selection tool, select the sky and copy paste it on a new layer.Apply gaussian blur of 3.8 to the sky. You will get the image as shown below.(I have applied layer mask to the black stone part since gaussian blur is not needed to it.)


Step 3

Open the castle image. Remove the background from the castle image. Free transform the castle and place it as shown below.


Step 4

Open the dragon image. Free transform and place the dragon image as shown below.


Step 5

Now using a black brush of low opacity, paint the shadows on the dragon. You can see the selected area to be painted as shown below.


Step 6

Apply gaussian blur of 0.8 to the castle.


Step 7

Apply gaussian blur again of 1.5 to the castle.


Step 8

This is the image we get after gaussian blur is applied to the castle.


Step 9

Paint light beams using the light beams brush.


Step 10

Open twilight on aeroplane image. Apply layer mask and free transform it. Place it as shown below.