In this Photoshop Tutorial  I'll show you how to create a beautiful abstract cosmic photo manipulation. You'll learn how to use blending modes, layers, apply texture, create different kinds of lighting effects, work with group and more. Resources needed: Model LINK Nebula 1 LINK Nebula 2 LINK Nebula 3 LINK Planet LINK Asteroids LINK Smoke brushes LINK    

By pureromance88, on November 15, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 21

Open planet file. Hide black background then press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Alt/Options+E to merge all visible layers. Move merged planet into our picture, resize it and locate it at the top left near model hands:


I use a Curves layer with Clipping Mask to change color and make planet brighter:


Step 22

Make glowing effect for planet with Layer Styles:


Step 23

I use soft white brush to make the light on some parts stronger (on a new layer with Overlay mode 100%):


Step 24

Create a new layer and I use Pen Tool to make some curves then stroke it with hard brush, 4 px and color #bb4e3b:


Change the mode to Linear Dodge  100% and blur these parts with layer mask:


Step 25

New layer, use Elliptical Marquee Tool  to make a circle with feather =2 then fill it with white. Change foreground and background to black and #bb4e3b. Go to Filter-Sketch-Halftone Pattern:


Change the mode to Color Dodge 100% and transform the lines inside like below:


Use layer mask to blur stroke outside:


Step 26

Duplicate this layer four times and move them to different positions, remember to transform it with Cmd/Ctrl+T:


Step 27

On a new layer with Color Dodge mode 50%, use hard brush with color #bb4e3b to make some circles on background:


Step 28

New layer, active Polygon tool with settings below:


Make some three angles then stroke it with hard brush, 4 px and color #93675f: 


This result is received if you're using a graphic tablet and choose Pen Pressure in Control option, or you can blur these angles with layer mask.

Set the mode to Color Dodge 100%:


Step 29

On the new layer with mode changed to Linear Dodge 100%, I use soft brush with color #bb4e3b, 15 px to make some spots on background:


New layer, I use soft white brush with bigger and smalle sizes to paint over previous spots. Set the mode to Overlay 100%:


Step 30

Create a new layer on the top with Overlay mode 60%. I take soft white brush to brighten face area: