In this Photoshop Tutorial  I'll show you how to create a beautiful abstract cosmic photo manipulation. You'll learn how to use blending modes, layers, apply texture, create different kinds of lighting effects, work with group and more. Resources needed: Model LINK Nebula 1 LINK Nebula 2 LINK Nebula 3 LINK Planet LINK Asteroids LINK Smoke brushes LINK    

By pureromance88, on November 15, 2012, under Photoshop Tutorials

Step 11

Take nebula 3 and do the same as done with nebula 2 (Screen mode 100%, clear hard edge with layer mask):


Duplicate this layer and change the mode to Soft Light 100%:


Continue duplicating, set the mode to Screen again and place it at the right of model after transforming it:


Step 12

Open asteroids stock. As it has transparent background so you just use Move Tool (V) to drag it into main picture. I resize them to be much smaller and place under model arms:


Duplicate this layer, downsize asteroids and move it leftward, then lower opacity to 70%:


Step 13

Make group for these asteroids layers (make them selected then press Cmd/Ctrl+G). Change the mode from Pass Through (default group mode) to Normal 100%. I make some adjustment layers (Curves and Levels) within this group to change color and increase brightness of these asteroids:


Because the mode changed to Normal 100% so these adjustment layers only affect the layers inside this group (asteroids ones).


Step 14

Make a new layer above asteroid group. Use Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) to draw a circle :


Hit G to active Gradient Tool and choose Radiant Gradient with color #892d6a and #f9a2a2. Drag a line within this circle to get result below:


Change the mode to Screen 100%:


Duplicate it three times and move these layers above model one (with all its clipped layers). I set one to Screen mode 100%, anothers to Overlay 100% and Screen 50%. Also use layer mask to blur the one on model hair and the one set to Overlay mode 100%:


I name them from "circle 1" to "circle 4".


Step 15

On a new layer on the top I use soft brush with color #675043 and #9867ab to paint under model left elbow and right hand. Put the mode to Color Dodge 100%:


Step 16

New layer, I use soft brush with two colors #e47283 and #f6d9b2 to spot on background:


Use Cmd/Ctrl+T to make this spot narrower:


Change the mode to Screen 100% and move it on left elbow, use layer mask to hide rough edge:


Duplicate twice and drag these layers under circle 1 one. Change their position to make a light stream on the right side of model:


Step 17

Make a new layer on the top. Change foreground to #bb4e3b and take smoke brush, number 971 to paint on model arms, transform it:

Use layer mask to remove or blur the some parts and get result below:


I use smoke brush with number 968 and paint on the top of model hand. I put the mode of this layer to Linear Dodge 100%:


Step 18

On a new layer, I use soft brush with color #bb4e3b, #9867ab to paint around model dress bottom. I change the mode to Color Dodge 100%:


I duplicate this layer and use Warp Tool to make it look like below:


Use layer mask to clear hard edge:


Step 19

Make a layer and use soft white brush to brighten the top of model hand. I put the mode to Soft Light 100%:


I continue with a new layer, soft brush with color #e49046. Paint around circle 1 and small asteroids and set the mode to Hard Light 100%:


Step 20

Make two layers on the top. Change brush color to #e47283 and paint over the top part of model to make glowing effect for her. I set the first one to Linear Dodge mode 100% and lower opacity of the second to 50%: