Dream is a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings. It is also an idea that is created in your imagination and that is not real. When designing a photo manipulation, a dream is often being used to express one's ideas and imagination. And using Photoshop, a dream can be real, and dream do come true. Here are 30 Dreamy Tutorials in Photoshop that you can learn and use to express your own thoughts and feelings. For sure there is a tutorial that will best describe your Dream.    

By Rnel, on March 31, 2014, under Photoshop Tutorials

Create a Cosmic-Inspired Dreamy Scene in Photoshop

Sebastiano demonstrates here the use of stock photography, 3d elements, and various techniques to create a cosmic-inspired dreamy scene in Photoshop.


How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation

In this Photo Manipulation Tutorial by Constantin you will learn how to work with a few images, and create a really interesting fantasy world.


Design a Black and White, Dreamy Style Surreal Artwork in Photoshop

On this Photoshop artwork, the Author will show you the steps to create this black and white, dreamy style sureal artwork.


Design Surreal Composition Fallen Angel’s Dream Fly

In this Digital Artwork tutorial, you will learn how to catch the attention of your viewer in less attraction without losing it's charm ans simplicity.


Mystical Dreamscape Photo Manipulation

On this photo manipulation, the author will show you how to compose a mystical dreamscape using basic essential techniques coming from source pictures.


A dreamy world Create a fantasy landscape

In this Photoshop Tutorial, you will see easy and simple steps to follow on how to use photoshop tools to create a fantasy landscape.



Author Denny Tang will teach you how to use several layers to create a realistic fog effect that appears thicker in the distance, that add a dreamy fog effect to any photo.


Photoshop Water Reflection Effect

Making a realistic water reflection to any photo using a simple filter and a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer is what you will learn in this Photoshop tutorial by Steve Patterson.


Photo Manipulate a Beautiful Snow Queen Scene

Jeannie Ann Numos, will demonstrate to you how to create a Beautiful Snow Queen Scene using practical techniques like Adding custom lighting effects in Photoshop.


Lonely Night - Manipulation Tutorial

On this Photo Manipulation the author will teach you how to create a simple night scene, also you will learn to create light effects and shadows in Photoshop.