Photoshop Tutorials

Cinema 4D Energetic Signature in Photoshop

By peewee1002, on August 28, 2010, under Photoshop Tutorials

A Photoshop Tutorial that will show you how to create an energetic Signature Effect using Cinema 4D resources and only require some basic photoshop skills and techniques.

Displaying your photos as a vintage polaroid

By peewee1002, on August 27, 2010, under Photoshop Tutorials

Today we are going to create a polaroid effect in photoshop. In this 3 pages Photoshop Tutorial we will try to achieved that photo effect where in it will look like a camera and film produced an instant photographs, and at the end give it an old vintage style effect look. All in less than 30 minutes.

Create an Awesome Zombie Signature

By peewee1002, on August 27, 2010, under Photoshop Tutorials

Using photoshop and Illustrator we are going to create this awesome Zombie vector piece you see below. Illustrator is not essential to the creation of the image but might come in handy if you do have it. You'll also enjoy this 4 pages Photoshop Tutorial because you'll do a lot of nice colour painting, groovy colour shading, and enjoyable colour bru

Photoshop Vignetting

By Rnel, on October 01, 2008, under Photoshop Tutorials

This Photoshop Tutorial will show you how to add some vignetting effect on an image which will reduce image brightness and saturation of the outer edge of an image and make the center of that image attract attention of both graphic and non graphic interested people.

Remove a person or an object from a photo

By Rnel, on September 06, 2008, under Photoshop Tutorials

There are times in a web designer or graphic designer's colourful and creative life that they will encounter a situation where in a certain object from an image they are designing on needs to be remove for design productivity and graphic enhancement. This Photoshop Tutorial will show you how to achieved that objective with the help of the clone sta