In this Illustrator Tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a Vintage Christmas Card you can send to family and friend via email or paper creating a custom patterns and shapes. With the Holidays coming fast, I needed to create a Christmas to send to family and friends, here’s how to create it. Resources needed: Free Illustrator Texture Pack 1 LINK    

By Supercolor, on January 03, 2013, under Illustrator Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1 - THE New Document and Reindeer Head

Open up Illustrator and create a new document, for the size I used 500x500px. In this step we’ll create the Head shape of the Reindeer, select the Pen Tool (P), create the left part of the Head shape.


Duplicate this shape, then flip it Vertically, Select the duplicated shape, Right click - Transform - Reflect - Vertical. place the duplicated shape next to the original shape. Unite both shapes using the Pathfinder, Window - Pathfinder then change the colour to a brown colour, #885B37.


Use the Pen Tool to create a little hair on the top of the head, add a Gradient to this new shape with two brown colours, #693B24 to #7F6044.


Let's create the Ears, use the Ellipse Tool (L) to create one ear with and oval shape, rotate this ear 45°. select the shape, Right click - Transform - Rotate - 45° and place it behind the head. add the same gradient to this shape that we used on the hair but this time with a 135° angle.


Create the other ear following the same process, but rotate it -45° and the gradient with a 45°.


To finnish up the ears create a curve on each ear using the Pen Tool (P)


Step 2 - Reindeer Part 2

Use the Pen Tool (P) to create the left part of the nose, duplicate this shape, flip it vertically, move it and unite both nose shapes.

Create the Eyes and Nose Highlight using the Ellipse Tool (L).


Let’s now create the horns on top of the head, use the Pen Tool (P) to create the main horn shape then add two small spikes on each sides of the horn. repeat the same process we did for the head and nose, duplicate this shape, flip it vertically and drag it next to the original horn, select both horns and group them, Object - Group, place the horns behind the head shapes.


Step 3 - Body

Use the Pen Tool (P) to create the body in brown, place the body shape behind the head and add a white oval shape in the centre of the body using the Ellipse Tool (L).


Step 4 - Ribbon

Let’s now create the Ribbon, select the Rectangle Tool (M) and create a rectangle in the centre of the canvas in red, #D72746.


Create a smaller rectangle behind the main rectangle with an other red colour, #E32541.


Select this rectangle shape we just created, select the Pen Tool (P) and create an anchor point in the middle of the left side, use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to move this point inside.


Duplicate this shape and add gradient to it going from Transparent to Black, change the opacity of this shape to 20%.


Repeat the same process for the right side of the ribbon.


Use the Pen Tool to create a small triangle shape between the front rectangle and the modified small rectangle on both sides of the ribbon. Place the ribbon in front of the reindeer.


Step 5 - Text and Texture

Let’s add some text on this Christmas Card, You can add any text you like using your favorite fonts, I used a font called Raiders for the MERRY on the ribbon and a font called Bello-Script for the Christmas text and used the Raiders font for the 2012 text in the bottom


Add a shadow on the second text, duplicate the text, place the duplicated shape behind the original one, move it a little down the right then change or leave the colour to black and change the opacity to 20%.


To give a more grunge/vintage look on this card I used a texture from a Free Vector Illustrator Texture Pack 1I’ve released lately, download it and choose from the 6 textures, drag the one you like into the vintage christmas card document. Change the colour of the texture to white and the opacity to 25%.


Step 6 - Christmas Theme Pattern Part 1

You can add any background you like to this card, I added a custom Christmas theme pattern, in order to create this pattern you first need to create the elements, a Tree, Snow Flakes and a Decoration Ball. hide all the shapes we created from the beginning. For the Tree create 3 different sized green triangles, place them on top of each other and create the balls with the Ellipse Tool (L).


For the Decoration Balls, create a perfect circle with the Ellipse Tool, some highlights with oval shapes with the same tool and two rectangles with the Rectangle Tool (M).


For the Snow Flakes, create a strokes with the Pen Tool with four small strokes, two on each side of the stroke, then duplicated those shapes and rotate them 60°, repeat the process once.


Now your elements are done, create a square shape in the center of the canvas, place a tree on each corners of the square and in the middle then place some snow flakes and decoration balls in the square, when you like the result, select the square and change its fill and stroke to transparent. select all the shapes (square+elements) and drag them in the Swatches Panel. Hide or delete all the elements we created for this pattern.


Step 7 - Christmas Theme Pattern Part 2

Unhide all the layers, create a square on the whole canvas place it behind all the layers and fill it with pattern we just created and change the opacity to 50%


That’s it for this tutorial, I hope you enjoy creating this greeting card, don’t forget to send it your friends and family. Feel free to share you creations and leave a comment..