In this new Valentine’s Day Illustrator Tutorial we’ll learn how to create a cute retro robot in love poster in adobe Illustrator using basic shapes, text, and textures. Resources needed: Free Vector Illustrator Textures Pack 2 from SupercolorTuts.com LINK    

By Supercolor, on February 12, 2013, under Illustrator Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1 - Robot Body

Open up Illustrator and create a new document, mine is 595,28x841,89px, the A4 paper format.

Let’s dive in an start with body of the robot, select the Rounded Rectangle Tool and create a 175x150px with a 10px corner radius rounded rectangle in the centre of the canvas with a grey colour, #A6A8AB.


Create a smaller rounded rectangle using the Rounded Rectangle Tool on the bottom part of the big grey rectangle, this time with no fill colour and a 3pt white stroke.


Use the Pen Tool (P) to create a yellow graph in the small rounded rectangle with a 3pt yellow stroke.


Let’s add some heart buttons on this robot, use the Ellipse Tool (L) to create a pink circle, #E1008E, then use the Pen Tool (P) to create the left side of the heart in white. When you like the result, duplicate this left part, reflect it Vertically, to do this, right click on the duplicated heart part - Transform - Reflect - Vertical. move this part next to the left part of the heart, select the two heart parts and the pink circle and Group them, Object - Group. Duplicate this group twice and place those 3 heart buttons on the top part of the robot body.


Step 2 - Robot Arms

Create a pink horizontal rectangle behind the body using the Rectangle Tool (M).


Use the Ellipse Tool (L) to create two grey #A6A8AB circles, one on each side of the pink rectangle. Create two smaller circle next to the circle we just created. Then two tiny yellow #F5E126 circle in the centre of the small grey circles.


Select the Rectangle Tool (M) annd create two vertical pink #E1008E rectangles for the arms, one on each side of the body behind the grey circles we created previously.


Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to select the bottom exterior point of these rectangles and pull them outside like below:

Create two small grey rectangles under the arms using the Rectangle Tool (M).


We’ll now create the hands, create a pink circle using the Ellipse Tool (L), then create a rectangle on the bottom part of the hand, select those two shapes and use the Minus Front option in the Pathfinder panel, Window - Pathfinder, to cut out the rectangle from the circle, duplicate this shape to make the other hand.


Step 3 - Robot Legs and Shadow

Now we have the body and arms, let’s create the legs so our robot can walk. Use the Rounded Rectangle Tool to create two small pink rounded rectangles behind the body for the top of the legs. Create two long vertical grey rectangles with the Rectangle Tool for the legs behind the two pink rounded rectangles.


Duplicate the two pink rounded rectangles we created for the top of the legs and place the duplicated ones in the centre of the legs.


Create two big pink circles for the feets, use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to delete the bottom anchor point to have an half circle shape. Create two horizontal grey rectangle at the bottom of the legs using the Rectangle Tool.


Now we have Legs, Arms and a Body, let’s add a little shadow to this robot. Create an Ellipse under one of the foot then apply a Radial Gradient going from black to white with those parameters:


Change the Transparency of this ellipse shape to 50% and duplicate it, place the new shape under the other foot.


Step 4 - Robot Head

Our robot looks good but it’ll look better with a head, let’s start it with a pink horizontal rectangle for the neck using the Rectangle Tool.


Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool and create a 125x87,5px with a 10px corner radius rounded rectangle for the head with a grey colour, #A6A8AB.


Create two hearts or duplicate the ones we created before for the eyes, with a pink fill colour and a 3pt white inside stroke. Add a yellow rectangle for the mouth.


Let’s now add the antenna’s, to create those, create a vertical grey rectangle, add a pink circle on top of this grey rectangle, then add two small pink horizontal rectangles under the pink circle. Select all those shapes, group them, Object - Group. Duplicate this group and place the two antenna’s on top of the head, select the left antenna and rotate it towards the left, rotate the other antenna towards the right.


Create two yellow flash shapes using the Pen Tool (P), add a pink heart in the middle of the flash shapes. select those three shapes and place them between the antennas.


Step 5 - Text and Background

Now our little robot is done, let’s add some text and background on the poster. Use the Text Tool (T) to write what you want, I wrote «You’re my Favourite Human» using a font called «Code Pro» with pink and black colours.


Create a light grey #E6E7E9 rectangle on the whole canvas behind all the shapes for the background using the Rectangle Tool.


To add a more retro look to this poster we’ll add some solar stripes, hide all the shapes we created and use the Pen Tool (P) to create a triangle in the top left middle part of the canvas like below:


Duplicate this shape, Reflect the duplicated shape vertically, Object - Transform - Reflect - Vertical, move the duplicated shape next to the other like below:


Select the two triangles shapes and group them, Object - Group, duplicate this group and rotate the ne one 180°, Object - Transform - Rotate - 180°. place this group on the bottom part of the canvas under the original one.


Select those two groups and group them again, Object - Group, duplicate this new group three times, rotate the first duplicated group 45°, the second one 90° and the third one 135°. group all those shapes and move them a little down.


Create a black rectangle on the whole canvas with the Rectangle Tool, then select all the solar retro shapes and the rectangle we just created and go to Object - Clippink Mask - Make. Change the Transparency of this clipping group to 25% and unhide all the shapes (robot and text).


Create a Comic Bubble on the right of the robots head using the Ellipse Tool for the oval shape and the Pen Tool for the small triangle on the bottom left of the bubble. Add some text inside the bubble.


Step 6 - Texture

To add a grunge feel to this poster I used a texture from a Vector Illustrator Texture Pack, there’s 6 textures in the pack, download it, open it up in Illustrator, choose one of the textures, drag it into our poster document, resize the texture so its fits the whole canvas and change its colour to white. Change the Transparency of the texture to 50%.


That’s it for this tutorial, I hope you’ve enjoyed creating this poster, don’t forget to offer it to your loved one. Feel free to leave a comment and share your creations.