Halloween is just next week, and because of that this is the fifth I’ve created using simple tools and shapes. In this Illustrator Tutorial we’ll create a Vampire Icon.    

By Supercolor, on October 29, 2012, under Illustrator Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1 – The New Document, Head Base

Start by opening Illustrator and create a new document, I choose the 500x500px.


Let’s create the base of the icon, Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool with a 20px corner radius, to enter the corner radius option, just click on the canvas, this will open the option panel of this tool. Create the shape with a black colour.

To make the vampire chin more pointy, select the Pen Tool (P) and create a curvy triangle shape on the bottom left part, when that’s done, duplicate this shape, reflect it vertically, place the new shape on the right. Select all 3 shapes and click Unite it the Pathfinder panel. Add a gradient with grey colours on the new shape. # bbbdbf and #d0d2d3.


Step 2 – Hair

In this step we’ll create the hair, let’s start with the left part of the hair, create it using the Pen Tool, when you like the result, duplicate this shape, revert it vertically, place the duplicated on the right, select both shapes, and click Unite in the Pathfinder panel.


Step 3 – Hair Shadow

Duplicate the hair layer, then go to Object – Path – Offset Path, with -3px offset. This will reduce the shape. Duplicate this reduced shape, move the duplicated shape a little on the bottom left. Select those 2 reduced hair shapes and click Minus Front in the Pathfinder panel.

Change the colour of this new shape to white and its opacity to 25%


Step 4 – Eyes

Create two similar sized circles for the eyes using the Ellipse Tool (U), make sure those two shapes are selected, go into the Appearance panel and add a new Fill, in this new fill add a gradient going from white (#ffffff) with a 50% opacity to a light grey colour (#e6e7e8) with 75% opacity.


Next create the eyebrows with the Pen Tool (P)


Create 4 more circle in each eyes, a big red circle, inside this red circle a small black circle and on this black circle two small white circles.


Step 5 – Mouth, Teeth and Blood

Let’s create the mouth using the Pen Tool with a 1px grey stroke, next create the 2 teeth on each side of the mouth with a white colour, create a red shape at the pointy end of the left tooth, select the tooth and the shape, then click Intersect in the Pathfinder panel, repeat the same process with the other tooth.


To finish this scary vampire icon, create the nose, a line of the chin, and two lines on the sides of the mouth using the Pen Tool.


Final Result

Here we are with a nice funny scary vampire icon you can use as an avatar, an icon or in any webdesign project. I hope you’ve learned a few tricks. Feel free to share your creations and leave a comment.