In this second out of five Illustrator Tutorial we’ll create a Mummy Icon, again using basic shape and tools.    

By Supercolor, on October 29, 2012, under Illustrator Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1 – The New Document, Head Base

Start by opening Illustrator and create a new document, I choose the 500x500px.


Let’s create the base of the icon, Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool with a 20px corner radius, to enter the corner radius option, just click on the canvas, this will open the option panel of this tool. Create the shape with a gradient with beige colours going from #d0be85 to #d7b777


Select the Ellipse Tool and start creating some small oval shapes on the base with a brown colour, I used # bd9160, this will add some details on the icon, when you’re done select all the oval shapes and group them, Object – Group, then change the opacity of the group to 50%.


Step 2 – Bandages

Let’s now add some bandages on the mummy, select the Pen Tool (P) and start creating a curvy stripe on all the width of the icon. when you like the result add a white to light grey gradient with a 135° angle of this shape. To add more depth apply a Drop Shadow, Effect – Stylise – Drop Shadow with a 10% opacity and 3px blur.


Continue creating other bandages following the same process, just play with the angle of the gradient and the order of the layers in the layer panel.


Step 3 – Eyes

Select the Ellipse Tool (U) and create 2 circle shapes, one a little bigger than the other, place them behind the bandages. Add the same gradient than on the bandages to both eyes.


Create two smaller circles in the middle of each eye in black then 2 more circle again smaller than the previous ones, but with no fill and a pink/red 3px stroke.


Like we did in Step 2 create a few oval shapes using the Ellipse Tool but this time in the eyes using a more dark grey colour, change the opacity of this small oval shapes to 20%.


Step 4 – Mouth

Let’s give a voice to this mummy, select the Pen Tool and create a shape for the mouth wider than the width of the icon, place this shape behind the bandages. Add a radial gradient with dark grey colours going from #58595b to #404041. to cut out the parts of the icon duplicate the base of the icon created in Step 1, then select this shape and the mouth shape and click Intersect in the Pathfinder panel.


Next create an other shape this time to go over the mouth, create it behind the bandage that’s on top of the mouth, repeat the same process than previously if you need to cut out the sides. Add the same beige gradient than on the base of the icon, but with a -90° angle.


Step 5 – Teeth

Now this mummy has got a mouth let’s create the teeth. Select the Pen Tool and create some teeth with some broken parts. For the top teeth add the same gradient than on the bandages with a 135° angle and the same gradient for the bottom teeth but with a -135° angle.


We’re going to add some depth to the teeth, select on tooth, then duplicate it twice, move one of the duplicated tooth a little on the left, select both duplicated teeth shapes and click on the Minus Front in the Pathfinder panel. Change the colour of this new shape to a brown colour and its opacity to 50%, repeat the same process on the other teeth.


Final Result

Here we are with a nice funny scary mummy icon you can use as an avatar, an icon or in any webdesign project. I hope you’ve learned a few tricks. Feel free to share your creations and leave a comment.