Illustrator Tutorials

Quick Tip no. 4 - Create a Pattern in Illustrator

By Supercolor, on September 25, 2012, under Illustrator Tutorials

Hey guys, in this Tip from the quick tips series, we’ll learn how to create a simple pattern in Illustrator using basic shapes. Create more patterns using the techniques from this Illustrator Tutorial.    

Create an Ankylosaurus Dinosaur scene in Illustrator

By godwin, on August 30, 2011, under Illustrator Tutorials

Hi all, this is my first tutorial. In this Illustrator Tutorial I will show you how to make this lovely scene of Ankylosaurus (Dinosaur) using the pen tool and with the help of Gradients, Symbols and Scribbles Graphic Style.In between I will be giving some tips to you on the workflow while using Illustrator. There are many ways one may want to make