Using action scripts, learn how to create a zoom effect in this basic FlashTutorial and make your images look magnified. Resource needed:  Picture LINK    

By sriku, on August 09, 2012, under Flash Tutorials

Final Result Preview


Step 1

Import an image by clicking on file - imort - import to stage or press 'ctrl+R'.


Step 2

Insert another layer and copy that pic on that layer also.

Change the Name of layers to zoom and small.


Step 3

Goto zoom layer and make that picture larger then small layer's picture with the help of free transform tool.


Step 4

Insert another layer and place it on the top. Now draw a circle and convert that circle to movie clicp.


Step 5

Put mask layer just above zoom layer and also note that the small layer should be the lowest layer.


Step 6

Double click on that circle then covert it to button.


Step 7

Select that circle and give an instace name 'p'(in small letter) from property pannel.


Step 8

Right click on that circle and click on action then write the scripts as it shown in the picture.


Final Result

Now it's completed and zoom effect has been created.