Learn how to animate images with this basic Flash Tutorial. We will try to create and animate a basic rotating earth using some stock images. Resources needed: Earth image LINK Background LINK    

By sriku, on July 29, 2012, under Flash Tutorials

Final Result Preview


 click to insert to where the mouse pointer is currently focused on

Step 1

Import a picture of space and name that layer as "space".

Now insert another layer --name it "map" and import a picture of map on the map layer.


Step 2

Make another layer by clicking "insert layer". Name it as "mask" then select oval tool or press "0" and draw an oval shape .

Select the map , right click and select "convert to symbol" (or) press "F8". Now select the option "movie" and name it earth.


Step 3

Go to frame no. 90 and  right click and select the option " insert keyframe " and drag that map picture towards left to right.


Step 4

Go to map layer, right click then select "create motion tween"

Also go to mask layer, right click and select insert frame for layer mask.


Step 5

Put mask layer just above map layer and also note that the space layer should be the lowest layer.


Step 6

Go to mask layer , right click then select "mask".


Final Result

Now, our earth image is ready to rotate.